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Coolest Lizard from Baby Einstein Cake Ideas and Tips

I baked this baby Einstein birthday cake for my son’s 2nd birthday. He was a huge Baby Einstein fan and loved the “Blah” dragon best of all. The cakes were a 6″ stacked on top of a 10″ round. I made the dragon using Wilton’s small bear mold. It is decorated in butter cream but all of the spikes and toenails on the dragon are made with fondant. His tongue is a piece of fruit roll-up.

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Cake by Melissa P., Delanco, NJ

Baby Einstein Cake Photo

For this lizard Baby Einstein cake, I baked a cake in a 9×11 pan and one in a heart-shaped pan using a vanilla cake mix. I also made a batch of rice krispie treats using a very deep pan to mold them in. Any of the yellow parts of the lizard you see are rice krispie treats frosted yellow.

The heart-shaped pan was used for his head, and the 9×11 pan for the body. My husband did cut some of both cakes apart to shape into this adorable character. We used a fruit by the foot for the tongue. We used Wilton food coloring for the icing and just mixed it until we achieved the colors that looked closest.

We hope our cake helps someone else out. My husband & I looked all over to find a cake pan or somebody else’s creation to copy.