Coolest Baby Groot Cake

My son wanted a Guardians of the Galaxy theme for his 10th birthday so I made him a baby Groot cake. After doing a little bit of image searching on the internet and looking at some tutorials for baby Groot, I put it all together to make as simple a cake as I could pull off. (I am a hobbyist/amateur doing just a few family birthdays a year).

Baby Groot Cake Instructions

  • I made a white cake in a 9″ pan for the bottom platform layer.
  • Then I made two 6″ layers of dark chocolate for the main cake since this was just a small party.
  • I made two batches of homemade buttercream dyed to match the colors I needed.
  • Happily, I found a small little herb pot to use for baby Groot.

Assembling the Baby Groot Cake

  • I put parts of a cupcake into the herb pot topped with chocolate Oreo crumbs.
  • Next, I colored fondant different shades of brown to give Groot some color pattern, and made various lengths of fondant “string” and laid a few pieces side by side and twisted them to make a ropey body.
  • I used the same technique to make the arms.
  • I placed the body on a trimmed down skewer to be inserted into the flower pot.
  • To attach the arms, I straightened and re-formed large paperclips for stability. Then I attached them at the top of the body.
  • I formed the head by hand and trimmed and decorated based on YouTube tutorials.
  • I also shaped some green fondant into little sprouts to attach to Groot’s body with water and a paintbrush.
  • There were holes in the bottom of the pot so I used more skewers to insert into the bottom to use as stabilizers and inserted that into the top of the cake.
  • The cassette tape was hard without proper tools but I layered a rectangular piece of white fondant. Then topped it with a thin layer of gray. Next, I cut out white circles and used a thin food marker to write spokes onto the circles.
  • I cut smaller black circles into the center of the white circles.

Finishing Touches

  • On top of it all I cut red strips of fondant and tried my best to size them inside but if I’d had more time or were doing these professionally I’d have used a ruler to measure and cut it all out more precisely.
  • I found some Guardian toys at Five Below to use on the cake as a little toy bonus for my son. Also because making fondant figures would take me weeks. Plus making them that tiny and accurate is beyond my skills.
  • I also cut out some stars onto gray fondant. In order to get a glittery look, I sprayed them silver with the edible food spray found at cake stores.
  • The black little balls are Sixlets, often found at JoAnns or Hobby Lobby.

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Coolest Baby Groot Cake