Backyardigans Cake

I started with the green for the grass and the base color for the Backyardigans cake. I used 80 drops of green food color for it. Then I mixed the colors for the main characters, Tyrone 10 red and 6 yellow, to make the orange after I used what I needed I mixed the remaining with more red to do his hair and outlining.

With Austin I used 6 blue and 4 red to make the purple. I then used the remaining and put in more blue to make it darker for the inside of the ears and the outlining.

And with Uniqua I bought a pink icing thing for the face and mixed in red to make it darker and a tiny bit of blue to make the magenta color for the spots. I then made it darker for the outlining. I used plain icing for the eyes and black writing gel for the inner eye

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