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Cool Jerry Garcia Cake from the Grateful Dead

jerry garcia cake

The Jerry Garcia cake I made was for a dear friend of mine. We were friends in high school but we went our separate ways in life until recently when I found her again. See my friend was a huge fan of the Grateful Dead. And I will never forget the day Jerry Garcia died because she was heartbroken. So to celebrate her birthday this past year I thought it would be hilarious to make her a cake of Jerry Garcia. Read more about this Jerry Garcia Cake…

Cool Rock Star KISS Cupcake Cake

This Rock Star KISS cake was made out of cupcakes. When my boss came to me and told me we needed a cake to promote the new Kiss album I thought alright!  This ought to be fun. So I made a cake to do that but a customer wanted a Kiss cake also. They wanted cupcakes. Our cupcake cakes consist of 24 cupcakes. Then I got a CD and took a picture off it and drew what you see here. I drew it with the tip of the rose nail in partially set up frosting. Then I frosted each cupcake and then smoothed it out first. I used the grass tip for the black on the hair and around the outside. Then I used a 10 tip to fill in the eyes, mouth, and tongue. Read more about this Rock Star KISS cake…