My soon to be four year old granddaughter really wanted a Barbie cake for her birthday, and as she was having a dual party with a best friend, I got to make two cakes! I bought two Barbies-one with a purple streak and one with a pink hair streak- Harper wanted a purple dress and her BFF wanted a pink dress. I used the  Wilton dress pan for the dolls’ dress and placed it on a 12″ round cake. The inside of the cake was multicolored . I made 3 cake recipes for each doll,  colored two cups each of pink and purple and 1 1/2 cups of green and blue. I poured a layer of white batter, dolloped the colors on top, another layer of white batter, color again, then ended with white batter in the dress mold. I poured the rest of the white batter in the round pan then dolloped the color on top. It was soooo cool- the kids loved it!!

To assemble the cake I sliced the 12″ round and put a layer of strawberry jam between the two.  I put the crumb icing on, then placed the dress on top. I sliced the dress in 3 parts and put strawberry jam between each. I put the crumb icing on that. Then I wrapped plastic wrap around the dolls legs and stuck it inside the middle ( I had cut a hole from the top to the bottom before icing it). I used the quick ice tip (that humongous one that has a flat tip and goes inside the bag) for the cape and used the star tip for most of the rest.  I used the small flat tip for the ribbon look on the bottom of the front.  The bodice was done with the little star tip. I used those pearls looking candies on the underneath of the cape.

it was great fun and the girls LOVED them.  They were so excited to see the colors inside !! It was two of the most fun cakes I’ve made!!