BBQ Cake

This BBQ cake is a three layer 9″ layer cake. I used buttercream icing for the icing. The grate is make from gumpaste, charcoal are reshaped chocolate kisses sprinkled with powdered sugar. The flames are also buttercream red/yellow. The hamburger and hot dogs are shaped from colored candy clay. I made the BBQ utensils from candy clay, aluminum foil and white paper sticks.

I had made 3-D BBQ pit on cakes before but thought it would be fun to make the whole cake into a pit.

3 thoughts on “BBQ Cake”

  1. My son/future chef is turning 4 and has been talking about a BBQ cake since his 3rd birthday. He has a clear vision of what the cake should look like and your cake is it!! Thank you for submitting this!!

  2. I have been making creative cakes for my hubby’s birthday for the past 5 years and I think this one is next! I LOVE this cake!


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