Coolest Bear in the Big Blue House Cake

For every birthday my daughter picks a cartoon or movie character and we do a theme party upon her choice. For her eighth birthday she was so in love with Bear in the Blue House (and I have to admit that I was nuts about this cuddly bear too!!) so I decided to do a Bear in the Big Blue House cake. First I looked up in the internet for free cake designs of Bear and I found this gorgeous face picture.

First I baked an 18″ x 11″ rectangle cake and frosted it with white frosting. I traced the Bear face on top of the cake (I did it free-hand but if is difficult for you, you can use the template directly on top of the dry frosting and trace the outline with a toothpick). With chocolate frosting outline the face; cover the face with orange frosting and the muzzle area yellow, piping little stars with a #16 Wilton decorating tip. Decorate the tongue and inner part of the ears with pink frosting and the nose with blue frosting.

When Bear’s face is done with a lot of patience (no kids near by of course) start to line one by one the gummy bears, combining colors as much as you like (I used a 5 lb. bag of gummy bears). When all the gummy bears are in place trim the borders of the cake yellow, top it with funny candles and let the party begin! Extra tip: when I am preparing the batter for the cake I like to tint it with strong colors combining with the decoration for example this cake was tinted orange, red and blue in the same way as a marble chocolate-vanilla cake. When you cut it to serve you can hear a big “Wow” from everybody because no one expects the cake to be colorful on the inside too.