Beautiful Beauty and the Beast Cake

My daughter wanted a Princess Belle 5th birthday party. I scoured the Internet looking for inspiration. I found this cake and thought, that’s beautiful but could I do it? I have made cakes just for my daughters birthdays and 2 friends. I kept looking but nothing came close, so the preps began.

I printed out a colour photo at Office Works into an A4 sheet. the party was on the Sunday, on the Monday I started colouring the fondant required for all the characters. decided I needed a air brush kit so I spoiled myself and purchased one.

On the Tuesday I started making the characters, I worked off the photo and made them to scale but cutting out pieces of paper that were the same height as the cake tin. As the cake was round i placed the characters onto the outside of the pan to make sure they had a small curve so they would sit flush up against the cake when decorated.

On the Wednesday I made the cakes, chocolate mud cake for the bottom and white chocolate mud for the middle layer. The top layer was foam. On thursday I applied the chocolate and white chocolate ganache. Friday I applied the fondant, air brushed the green for the grass on bottom layer and used Wilton paste to colour the sscond layer. I used water to attach the characters to the fondant.

On Sunday I took the cake out to the table and then applied the vase (which turned out to be uneven!) and then the Belle and beast characters which I purchased online, it would have been too much to make them too.