Beautiful Bling Wedding Cake

I made this beautiful bling wedding cake for my niece’s friend.  As a self taught baker & decorater,  I have never been to a class. This is a hobby I enjoy!!

My neice asked if I would do a cake for her friend’s wedding and I told her absolutely (shaking inside).  She said they wanted square cakes ( they are my biggest challenge – trying to get the corners perfect!) I only work with a non-dairy whp cream.

I baked all my cakes and used Betty Crocker Pillsbury mixes, but altered them using no oil or butter and only 2 eggs. They are the moistest cakes you will ever have! OK, so I whipped the whip cream and frosted the cakes and off I went on my hour drive to the winery.

When I arrived I placed the bottom tier on a table… no problem. Then, the second cake I added to the center and my dowels slipped. The cake went off-set. I yelled a very bad word and tried to think of a solution because you can’t readjust a whipped cream cake! So, I decided to off-set the rest. I then added the next cake no problem.

Well, as I was driving there I kept telling myself ,”Don’t forget to put the cake top letter on the small cake BEFORE you set it on the other cake so the stakes drive through the cake board!!” Guess what? I FORGOT and I had set the top cake on and couldn’t remove it and couldn’t push the letter stakes through because it would have smashed the other cake!

My solution was to cut a piece of bling and set it against the stakes that were showing! Oh, and I added thin strips of bling to the top side edge of each cake where I off-set them!

The reaction was AMAZING. People still tell me how creative and unique the off-set is!