Bee Cake

My daughter had a fascination with bees last year and I don’t buy into the licensed character stuff so I thought a bee theme would be perfect for her 2nd birthday party. Mind you, I had never made a shaped cake before, let alone decorated anything with a frosting bag and tips.

My sister got me a Betty Crocker Bake and Fill pan one year for Christmas and I had never used it because I was too afraid of failure.

I got it out and looked at it, played around with the pieces, took a look in my cupboard and came up with the framework. The body of the cake is the Betty Crocker round dome pan, the filler pan and the bottom round, flat pan. For the head I used a 3-cup Pyrex mixing bowl (yes, you can bake in them).

For the wings I used stiff felt bought at JoAnn fabrics. I added a wing design with gold glitter glue.

The “grass” is coconut that I dyed with food color. The antenna are squiggly candles (how perfect that my daughter was turning 2!). The eyes are made of a large marshmallow cut in half with black frosting dots in the center.

Bee Cake

3 thoughts on “Bee Cake”

  1. Wow if this is your first attempt, it really is great. Love the idea of the squiggly candles for the antenea. I am making a bumble bee cake for my granddaughter who is turning two and will copy that idea. Also you cake really is a great shape.

  2. My daughter turns 4 this year and really wants a bee for a cake which is perfect I bought a pan last year for a lady bug cake and figured I could use it to make a bee but was trying to figure out the best way to decorate to make it look good. This looks easy but it looks great!

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