Belle of the Ball Cake

My daughter was never really into Barbies or Disney princesses. When she came to me and asked for a Belle Barbie cake for her birthday, I was a bit surprised, but I figured I could do it. I did however know I did not want to spend $40 on a doll cake.

I got lucky in finding a bath time Belle doll who had clothes painted onto her body! It made it bit less messy.

I made a double chocolate devil’s food dome cake and then carved out an area for the doll. When I placed her in… uh oh… the cake only came up mid-thigh. My heart stopped! I had no idea what I was going to do… do I dare break her legs off and then give the cake to my 6 year old…. uhhhhh no. hahaha. I scowered my kitchen for ideas, then I found a bag of marshmallows and the yellow light bulb lit above my head!

I iced the top of the cake and put the marshmallows around the doll hole on top. Perfect! But now I no longer had enough fondant, almost had it, lol.  Lucky I had extra icing! I put the fondant around the dome and decorated it. I used pink cake decorating powder on the pink fondant  and then piped white along the edges and added pearl sprinkles to give it a lace feel. I used the edge of a cup to make the folds in the “fabric”. I then took my extra icing and covered the marshmallows. I made flowers out of fondant and used the pearl sprinkles in the center and attached them with icing.

For all the problems that arose in the making of this cake, I thought it turned out pretty darn good, haha. Everyone liked it and loved her dress. And most importantly my daughter loved it!