Cake by Lisa D., Boston, MA

For our daughters 3rd birthday, we went crazy with the princess theme. I made a castle cake for her 1st birthday party, so I was looking for something else in the same theme. I found the directions for this cake in the 2002 Wilton Yearbook Cake Decorating book. It was really very easy and fun to make.

I started out by baking some basic sugar cookies. I used horse and circle cookie cutters for the horses and the wheels. The carriage itself is made by using a 3D Sports Ball pan. I made a sheet cake and put a plastic cake disk on top, so I could rest the carriage on that (and it wouldn’t sink into the sheet cake).

The wheels were leaning against the carriage. For the horses, I had toothpicks positioned on either side of their hoofs, to keep them steady (don’t forget to take them out!). I frosted each item in white frosting and then added the pink and green detail (flowers, horse hair, etc).

Pearl beading was used to connect the horses to the carriage and to outline the wheels, carriage windows, etc. This cake took 4-5 hours from start to finish, but was definitely a labor of love and one of the best cake recipes I’ve used.