Big Hello Kitty Cake

When I started making this big Hello Kitty cake for a small child that loves Hello Kitty, I didn’t know how I was going to make a kitty and never made one before this one. My kitchen was a disaster when trying to put this stable upon a very large double in size sheet cake. I used a round hollow cake pan that I filled inside for the head. For the body I used a 8x8x2′ cake to carve the body and legs out of.

Thank goodness it was frozen so I could carve and shape!  What an experience! I used dowel rods to hold Kitty in place. The icing is butter cream I made and the colors were many and as you can see from the picture. I used a lot of icing so when making one of this size make plenty of icing up ahead. Time was a big factor because she was on her way in from vacation and the cake was a last minute thought and had to be put together for her birthday which was the same day, in which I started this project!

To see the look on her face (6 yrs old) was priceless! She had never had such a large cake. She and all was surprised that I could pull it off.

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