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Big Turtle Birthday Cake

I made this turtle birthday cake for my daughter’s birthday. She loves turtles and I thought this would be enjoyed. The cake was chocolate and French vanilla, with butter cream icing. I used Wilton gel for colors and added Wilton vanilla for flavoring in icing.  A very large sheet cake pan I used and doubled it’s  layers.  The turtle was made from a cake pan I used to put filling in the middle,  but I didn’t use the top  part, I used the bottom and turned it over. The legs were left over from an extra small 8x8x2′ pan that I always keep ahead for extra parts to my creations.

I didn’t have to support the turtle because it wasn’t being delivered to any place else. The party was a big talk and a big surprise to my daughter  because she didn’t have any idea that a gathering of lots of friends and family were going be at my house.  The cake was such a hit that she wouldn’t cut into the turtle for eating. She took it to her house with her.

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