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When you’re in need of inspiration for your cake designs, browsing through birthday cake images and photos is probably the most important ingredient. You’ll find thousand of birthday cake images on this site. Here’s a selection of some of the coolest cakes and cake collections to spike up your creativity.

Cool Homemade Motorcycle Cake

by Shelly W.

Motorcycle Cake - Coolest Birthday Cake Images

This motorcycle cake was a surprise for my husband for his 50th birthday. He knew I was working on a cake for him because he was not allowed in the kitchen most evenings leading up to his birthday!

The cake was chocolate with chocolate frosting. I colored some fondant black, brown and grey and then incorporated the three so it looked like stone. Then I made a circle of fondant and used a stone patio press to make it look like it was sitting on a rock patio or driveway. I used the rest of the fondant to make a large ‘rock’ to support the bike. A dowel is placed in the fondant rock and into the cake. I left about 2 inches above the rock to place the bike on.

The bike is completely made out of fondant. There were many trips into the garage to study the detail on his bike. I used edible glue to put the bike together. All of the chrome is painted on using silver powder with a bit of vodka to thin. Next I cut out a windshield from a pop bottle (it had the right rounded shape) and used tin foil for the small mirrors.

I ‘glued’ the bike onto the dowel and ‘rock’ using royal icing. I got much of my inspiration from browsing birthday cake images online.

Coolest Running Shoe Cake

by Eric

Shoe Cake - Coolest Birthday Cake Images

My wife loves to run and got a new pair of shoes for an upcoming half marathon. I wanted to make her a cake for her birthday of the shoes, but she was always wearing them at work when I had time to work on the cake, so I found some images online. It was a chocolate cake with peanut butter between some of the layers and strawberry filling in between the others. It was delicious.

I started with a rectangle shape and just carved and added pieces here and there. For the details I used homemade fondant. I used a (new, clean) non-stick drawer mat for the mesh texture and a stitching tool for the stitches (obviously). Hoping that  you enjoy the birthday cake images here on the site.

Cooles Homemade 3D Dog Cake

by Tearna C.

Dog Cake - Coolest Birthday Cake Images

This Dog Cake was some work 5 days in the making and he turned out great. I cooked two 12 inch rounds and a Pyrex bowl cake as well. I cut all the leg shapes and added the feet made of fondant.

The head is made from rice crispy treats. Thanks for looking.

Awesome Homemade 3D Cookie Monster Cake

by Kathy

Cookie Monster Cake - Coolest Birthday Cake Images

I made this Cookie Monster cake for our two year old son. A friend of mind suggested using the head/hands sets sold during Halloween for pumpkins as a way to create a Cookie Monster inspired cake. I own a Betty Crocker bake and fill set which I use for making ice cream cakes. I chose the dome pan to make this cake. It is helpful to have a “frozen” base in which to stick the head and hands.

I used a chocolate cake mix and made my own buttercream frosting. The frosting took an entire (small) bottle of blue food coloring which I piped onto the cake. This step would be fairly difficult without a pastry bag. I tried not be “perfect” as I really wanted to create the look of fur. The inside of the cake is cookies and cream, of course, and I purchased a small bag of Chips Ahoy cookies to go around the base.

The head/hands set is found easily on line by Googling “cookie monster pumpkin push in”. The ones that I have seen are less than $10.

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