Looking for the Most Stylish Birthday Cakes to Make?

For my daughter’s 10th birthday we had a Spa party at our house. We made invitations that looked like nail polish bottles so she wanted her cake to look just like her invitation. Where does one find birthday cakes to make that look like nail polish bottles? For this great nail polish cake I used strawberry cake mix and made two rectangular cakes. I cut out a nail polish bottle shape from the first cake and used the second cake to make the top of the bottle.

I iced the bottle section using Wilton’s Rose icing color to get the bright pink and make it look like nail polish was in the bottle. I used chocolate icing and added Wilton’s black icing to it to ice the top of the bottle. It was fun to make and was a big hit with the girls.

More Fashion & Glamour Cakes

Cake by Brad F., Griffin, GA

Ideas for Spa and Glamour birthday bakes to make

My youngest daughter’s 5th birthday theme was dress-up. The cakes had to look like her and her outfit. I used the grass tip to match the fuzzy top. The makeup in her hand and in the purse was the make-up candles from Wilton.

Cake by Margie F., Charles Town, WV

Ideas for Spa and Glamour birthday bakes to make

I made this unique cake for a little girl’s spa birthday party. This cake was made out of fondant over a mask purchased at a craft store. The make-up is molded out of fondant, thanks for looking….