Cool Hummer Cakes and Lots of Kid Birthday Cake Ideas

Coolest Kid Birthday Cake Ideas

Thanks to this site for kid birthday cake ideas. This Hummer cake was copied from other cakes on this site made with a 9×13 bottom layer topped with a 9×9 top layer (just made a pound cake recipe). I trimmed the 9×9 down to probably 9×8 to make the “hood” a bit deeper. I then … Read more

Giant Minecraft Grass Block Cake

For my son’s 11th birthday he of course wanted a “Minecraft” themed party. Insanely popular video game where you build worlds out of different “blocks”. There really is not any marketing associated with this game, so everything needs be done by “you”! I decided to go with the classic “grass block” cake. I made 4 … Read more

12 Cool DIY Safari and Jungle Cake Ideas

Coolest Safari and Jungle Cake Ideas and Photos

This is the jungle cake I made for my son’s first birthday party. I got the design from the Whimsical Bake house cookbook and also used their recipes. It was all chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling. The filling was the best part – it’s just sweetened whipped cream with crushed up oreo’s in … Read more

12 Cool Homemade Horse Cake Ideas

Coolest Homemade Horse Cake Designs and Decorating Techniques

As with other similar horse cakes I simply cut the shape out of a 13×9 inch cake pan and used the cutout between head and neck for the ear. I iced the entire horse cake with chocolate icing and then used the “hair” tip (can’t remember which number) for the mane – I held the … Read more

11 Cool DIY Pony and Horse Cakes

Coolest Horse Cakes and Photos

The idea for this cake obviously was this site for horse cakes. (Thank you to everyone who shares- you’re all great!) I only made a couple small changes to personalize it. For the ears I cut out two triangles and using frosting and toothpicks attached them to give it a 3-d effect. I used long … Read more

12 Coolest Frog Birthday Cakes

Coolest Frog Birthday Cakes and How-To Tips

This cake was for a bridal shower for a bride who was crazy about frogs. This cake was a combination of two pictures that the bride’s sister had found online for frog birthday cakes. The frog was a pound cake and used three different cake pans to create (along with rice crispies to shape his … Read more

12 Cool DIY Frog Cake Ideas and Decorating Tips

Coolest Frog Cake Photos - Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

This frog cake was made from a regular 8-inch pan cake from cake mix. I made extra cupcakes with the rest of the batter, and used 2 of them for the eyes. I used regular vanilla frosting for the eyes, and then I took the rest of the frosting and dyed it green using green … Read more

Coolest Homemade Frog Cupcakes

Coolest Frog Cupcakes - Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

I basically took ideas from the frog cupcakes already posted. I made chocolate cupcakes, tinted frosting green and frosted the cupcakes. Then I took large marshmallows and cut them into thirds making three circles. I then cut the bottom quarter off each marshmallow circle to make it flat on the bottom (think dome). I took … Read more

Cool 3D Bear Cakes and Lots of Free Cake Designs

Coolest Bear Cakes and Free Cake Designs

I searched the Web for original and free cake designs and found this wonderful site! This was a Christmas bear cake that I took to church for our Christmas Treat night. I used a 3- D bear cake pan. I covered the bear with buttercream white icing with a star tip. I used green and … Read more

12 Cool Homemade Finding Nemo Picture and 3D Cakes

Coolest Finding Nemo Picture Cakes and How-To Tips

I made this Nemo cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I took a lot of Finding Nemo picture ideas off this web-site and added a few of my own. Nemo is made from 2 Pampered Chef batter bowls-a large one and a small one. I mixed the cake from a regular cake mix following the … Read more