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Coolest Gymnastics Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

This cake was easier than I thought. I used two cake mixes, one mix for the sheet cake and used part of the second cake for the mats under the beam. I tried for the first time using Fondant Icing for the beam and the mats as well as the words “happy birthday”.

For the birthday cake decorating recipe I used the recipe of about 16 marshmallows, micro for about 1.5 min with a tablespoon of water. Then you add icing sugar to the marshmallows and kneed it in until it isn’t sticky anymore. I then added food coloring. It was fun to work with.

I used Kit Kat bars for the balance beam. I put a piece of cardboard under it to make it secure and then wrapped it with the icing. I then stuck a piece of Kit Kat on either side and placed the beam on top. There you have it.

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Cake by Tina M., Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Gymnastics Birthday Cake Decorating Idea

My daughter’s 8th birthday was at the local gymnastics club. I searched every birthday cake decorating website I could find for a Gymnastics cake idea. I decided to start looking for a gymnastics Barbie and I ended up finding a Bratz sports gymnastic doll instead (which was even better considering my daughter is into Bratz this week!).

I started with 1 and a 1/2 Duncan Hines cake mixes poured into a cookie sheet approximately 3/4 of the way full, for the bottom (the mat). I used the left over mix and poured it into a 750ml rectangular baking dish for the mat on the top. Make sure the pans are greased and floured. I used Wilton’s decorating tip #16 for the icing and just picked colors to match the Bratz doll.

I used toothpicks tied into an X and taped 4 wooden skewers together for the balance beam and added the accessories that came with the doll. It’s an idea I came up with and I hope it gives others a place to start.