I made this Bob the Builder cake for my son’s 2nd birthday. I got a lot of inspiration from this site and other various pictures I found online. I used a 10 inch square cake pan, with two layers of cake (one mix per layer).

The cake is covered in fondant, which I tinted light green. The mound of grass in the center is actually a mini number 2 cake. I used a grass tip to cover it, which makes it difficult to make out the original shape. In the future, I will try covering with royal icing instead, so you can still make out the number.

I scooped a small portion out of the number two and placed it in Muck’s dump truck and loader. A friend made the Happy Birthday sign for me and I attached it to two wood bbq skewers that I trimmed down and then inserted into the cake.

The Bob figurine and construction signs are part of the BTB cake kit you can purchase. It also comes with a large ‘Muck’, which I did not use. Instead I used three small die cast vehicles that I purchased in a set around Easter.

I used a grass tip along the base of the cake and cut out orange construction cones. This was my first time using fondant, so I didn’t get the edges folded perfectly. I covered up the imperfection with the orange cones.