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Coolest Bob the Builder Cake Ideas

All credit for this cake goes to the person who made the Bob the Builder cake I found on the coolest-birthday-cakes.com website! It was the first time I discovered this website and I have become a huge fan ever since!

I made this cake for my son’s friend. He wanted me to make this cake for him after seeing and tasting the army cake I made for my son (I posted pictures of my Army Cake on the website as well). I used two boxed chocolate cake mixes in two 9 by 13 pans. I stacked the two layers with icing in between. I used Wilton’s famous buttercream icing recipe with tips #3 #16 and #21. It was so much fun to make and the birthday boy loved it! Thank you coolest-birthday-cakes.com for the inspiration!

More Bob the Builder Cake Ideas

Cake by Kellie J., Brisbane

Bob the Builder Cake

I made this cake from a rectangle and just cut him to shape.

I then used the roll out icing you buy from the supermarket and colored it myself.

Bob the Builder Cake