Bone Cake by Kathleen K., Durham, NC

I am a student in a radiology program. Students are required to do clinical rotations in various medical facilities. I was recently at an orthopedic/sports medicine site. Tomorrow is my last day and I enjoyed the staff so much I wanted to do a little something special in appreciation of their warmth kindness and encouragement. Knee x-rays are very common so I pictured what the image looked like on film and tried to make it into a cake!

I thought I would use one of my homemade cake recipes but in the end I used three boxed mixes and three large prepared frosting containers. I made three cakes in rectangular pans (9×13"?). I visualized the image in my mind and cut out the shapes with a knife after the cake was completely cooled. Icing it was a challenge since small pieces of the cake would get into the icing as I spread it out. So I had to put three layers of icing on the cake for a clean finish.

The top piece is the distal femur and the patella (knee cap). The bottom pieces are the proximal tibia(larger bone), the two spikes are the tibial spine on the tibial plateau. The small bone is the fibula. I have never attempted anything so involved when it comes to baking so I’m quite proud of my accomplishment! I believe I may be the only person to have made such a knee joint bone cake so I wanted to share it with you!