Boot’s cake from Dora the Explorer

My 3 year old BEGGED!!! for a Boots cake.  She just loves her  monkey’s. Well my husband and I went all over the place looking for anything at all we could of used and you would be surprised how hard it was at this time to find Boots (he is easier now). So my husband got it in his head to draw boots and have me pipe it out on some cupcakes. He drew Boots face every night for 2 weeks straight and once he got it just the way he wanted it we cut it out and used toothpick to form what I needed to pipe. There are 48 cupcakes here. This cake took me 4 hours. It was my first homemade cake but wasnt my last. She was sooo happy when she climbed out of the car and saw her Boots cake waiting for her on the table. It was one of the happiest memories i have of her. I hope you enjoy my cake.