Easy Bridal Shower Cake

I made this cake for my cousin’s daughter’s bridal shower. This is a full sheet cake.  It is white cake with buttercream icing.  Because of time (over-extending myself and having a challenging week) and getting sick the week this had to be made I actually bought the cake from a local bakery with only the white icing and I decorated it myself.  I got the saying from the aunts of the bride (I believe they got they idea from a website-not sure where) The bride is having a purple and silver wedding.  It was very difficult to get the icing a dark purple.  I used a whole container of regal purple coloring, violet coloring and then I even added some royal blue to try to darken it a bit.  They wanted the scroll work for the decorations.  I hide the groom and the bride’s first initials within the scrollwork as a little extra  fun detail.  I am curious if they will notice. Once the scroll work was completed I placed each little edible pearl by hand with a pair of tweezers.

Unfortunately the shower had to be re-scheduled due to the strange weather that we are having this year, so the cake had to be frozen.  I sure hope it holds up to the freezing and re-freezing.  Dark icing colors sometimes tend to bleed onto white icing.