Stunning Homemade Butterfly Wedding Cake

Hi, my name is Kate and I love to make cakes as a hobby for friends and family. I am self taught and love new challenges. In addition, I am considering starting up a little business. I have called it Mariposa Cakes as I love butterflies and wanted something different. This is my first butterfly wedding cake. My best friend asked me to make it for her big day. I was so nervous as a wedding cake is a massive part of the day and so many people would be looking at it. The pressure was on.

Making the Butterfly Wedding Cake

It took me 4 days to make all the butterflies and roses but because all four layers are sponge I made them the day before. All different flavors too which was a mad rush and slight panic to get it done. The butterflies I made from flower paste. I used a cutter for the basic shape then I used a ball tool to round the edges. I built the body then using edible glue put the body on the wings then left to dry on concertinaed foil.

The 50 min drive to the venue was the worst part, although I took the cake in four parts to build there the butterflies were shaking so much I was so scared they were all gonna break. I was driving very slow and we got there in one piece.

The reaction from everybody was amazing and when it came to cutting the cake I was extremely proud I had a few tears in my eyes. The father of the bride had included me in his speech thanking me for “The Beautiful Cake” and everyone clapped. I’m pretty sure I went bright red.

I hope you like it and if you would like to see more I do have a facebook page. Thank you for taking the time to read this and looking at my cake.

Stunning Homemade Butterfly Wedding Cake