Coolest Army Theme Birthday Cake Baking Ideas

Take a look at the coolest Army theme birthday cake baking ideas. Just click on any of the cakes below to view cake photos and preparation tips from that birthday cake category.

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The cakes in this section (and all of the homemade birthday cakes on this Website) have been graciously shared with us by visitors from around the world. You’re more than welcome to copy ideas – after all, that’s what they’re here for. And once you set on creating your own cake, remember to document the process and share your cake with us so others can find inspiration from your creations.

Featured Army Theme Cake Baking Ideas

Army Tank Cake

Coolest Army Tank Cake

The inspiration for this army tank cake began when my youngest grandson, Wyatt, asked for an ‘army guy cake’ for his birthday. The wheels started turning in my brain. OK, how can I made a cool Army Guy cake? I looked to Coolest Birthday Cakes for ideas, and saw a frosted tank. That gave me the idea of a tank, with the army guys riding on it.

As usual, not having any real ‘cake training’, just a mom and grandma who wants to please my precious babies, I started worrying about how to do it. Read more about this Army Tank cake…

Aircraft Cake with Army Men

Coolest Aircraft Cake With Army Men

This aircraft cake was created for a group of men and women who worked with the military. A cake of an aircraft was specifically requested.  I already knew this cake was going to be a challenge for me but was up to it and excited to do it. I always enjoy trying new things, that’s how I learn and grow. This cake was a challenge for me because I was going to have to carve and shape some things, which I had not done before at that time. Read more about this Army aircraft cake…