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Coolest City Scene Cake

This cake was for my son’s second birthday. He is crazy for anything that moves- trucks, boats, trains, planes. I tried to incorporate as many vehicles in the cake as possible.

For this cake I used a 12×18 two layer sheet cake. I covered it with plain buttercream and then decorated with colored buttercream (that way adults could push colored frosting off to side!) My cake decoration tips are to see that the cake is frozen before you start. It is just must easier to decorate. I made a concrete road in the shape of a two with grey icing. I topped that with yellow stripes and then placed lots of hot wheels type cars and trucks on the road. I also used a cardboard tube cut in half and iced for a small bridge.

I put construction vehicles in one area on top of cookie crumb “dirt”. The boat floats on a pond of blue icing lined with speckled jelly bean rocks. We hung a small plane with fishing line over the cake from the ceiling. And the best part we set up a small brio train set with a battery operated engine going around the cake. The kids went wild when the train was going. I decorated the sides with words like zoom and beep! That is it!

City Scene Cake