Cake by Leigh D., Macon, GA

A friend wanted to have her daughter a pool party. She asked me to come up with a cool cake decorating idea that would be appropriate to go along with a group of pre-teens at a pool party. We decided on the tapedeck radio idea so then I had to decide how to make it.

I got my daughters radio down and looked it over and came up with this plan. I used my 2 (1/2 round 18" cake pans). After baking the layers I rounded off both ends to give me the general shape and stacked them one on top of the other.

I used buttercream frosting (store bought would work fine also) tinted black to ice them and to pipe the molded details that are found in a radio and to make the cord. I used the white for the dial on the front and also for the cassette reel centers.

I used one of those many advertising CD’s that you get in the mail daily and got my daughter to make a "birthday label" for it. I put it in a CLEAN clear CD case and set it on top of the cake to make the CD player.

For the screen look for the speakers I used a NEW vegetable brush and made the impressions in the icing. For the buttons on front, I used KitKat candy bars that I cut about an inch long and pushed slightly up into the front of the cake. Then I iced them with the black frosting.

I hope this helps to inspire your own cake decorating idea!

Tapedeck Cake Decorating Idea