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Coolest Homemade Cactus Cakes

This cake was easy to make. The larger cactus is three cupcakes stacked on each other and each of the small cacti are cupcakes as well. The small cactus is green and dark green. I put green food coloring inside the decorating back to make it different colors when it came out. The flowers aren’t real but where just added where I wanted them. The sand is made of crushed lady fingers.

Hope these cake decorating tips will help others to make this easy cake!

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Cake by Mary N., Cinnaminson, NJ

Cactus Cake Decorating Tips

This is inspired from Colette’s cake decorating tips . This is a sports ball pan from Wilton and covered in star tip in a dusty green royal icing. I used chocolate graham crackers crumbled up for the “dirt” and a gum paste fantasy flower. My cactus flower did not dry in enough time.

Of course everything is sitting in a clay dish lined in foil. This was for my dad’s birthday. He loved it and everyone thought that I was walking in with a real cactus.

Cake by Donna, Leechburg, PA

Cactus Cake Decorating Tips

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