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Cool Homemade Dragonfly Cake Ideas

I cut the wings out of sheet cakes. The body was made out of different sized bowls ending with a cupcake. I then frosted the whole thing to make it all blend together. This was a huge cake!

Another Dragonfly Cake

Cake by Donna R., Groton,VT

Dragonfly Cake Ideas

My friend wanted a cake for her daughter. I found out she liked dragonflies. Not being able to find any pans in that shape nor such cake ideas, I designed the cake myself.

I used a long loaf pan for the main body and used a real sharp knife to cut away some of the sides to make indents for the body. I used my jelly roll pan to make a large flat cake and traced out some wings.

Using Decorator Spray Color from Wilton I was able to layer on some colors to give it some depth in color. I painted with a brush and icing colors the detail on the wings.