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Call Me Sulley Monsters Inc. Birthday Cake

My new supervisor at work  found out I make cakes. He wanted me to make a Sulley from Monsters Inc. birthday cake for his son. I did not know if I should attempt a fondant Sulley shaped cake or go with an easy, furry monster cake with buttercream. I decided to make a Sulley shaped head and I am so glad I did!

Sulley from Monsters Inc. Birthday Cake Details

  • For the inside of the cake, I used food coloring to make the layers purple and teal.
  • I used Tylose to make Sulley’s horns firm, so they would stand up on their own.
  • Each bit of detail was fun to make, but the eyes were my favorite. They came to life as I added eyelids, a gleam in his eye, and black for the pupil.
  • Adding fondant fur also added texture to Sulley to make him extra cute.

When I got the party, everyone raved about the cake. My supervisor’s wife absolutely loved it!

When I was working on the cake, my family mentioned how my decorating skills have improved over the past few years, and how I’m using more detail. I am typically very hard on myself for cakes I make, and after I make a cake, I wish I could have done better. This cake, however, I was really happy about. My boyfriend said I should enter it into a contest, so I found Coolest Birthday Cakes to submit my cake in the Cake of the Month Contest!


Call Me Sulley Monsters Inc. Birthday Cake