Cake by Kimberly C., Wetumka, OK

This is the Rainbow Brite cake I did for my niece Davonny. In our family we have a tradition that on a child’s first birthday they get their own cake so hers was a Sprite.

I searched many cartoon birthday cakes for this cake. I used the actual Rainbow Brite cake pan made by Wiltons and the mini doll cake pan for the Sprite

Cake by Jennifer L., Dorchester, WI

Rainbow Brite Cartoon Birthday Cakes

I loved Rainbow Brite as a little girl and one of our family traditions is to pass on our the cakes we loved so our kids can know what we were interested in at there age.

Now our little girl loves her Rainbow Brite too. I found a Wilton pan and it was as easy as making little stars.

The fun part was making all the brite colors.

Rainbow Brite Cartoon Birthday Cakes