Cool Castle Cake for my Daughter’s 6th Birthday

I made a base of 8in X 8in and 2in height from simple sponge cake and covered it with icing for this castle cake. I trimmed pieces of cake to sit along the edge as parapet and 4 cylinders to sit as 4 towers. Similarly I trimmed small pieces of cake and made it into the wall surrounding the castle. I put cream icing on all these in different colors to make it look attractive. I put white icing to make it look prettier and 4 Hershey kisses in 4 corners to look like watch-out posts.

I made a jelly in blue color and set it in a very thin layer in a large flat plate and trimmed it into suitable sizes to put in between the castle and external protective wall. I used ordinary bars of chocolate to make them into a the drawbridge over the moat and door of the castle and uncooked spaghetti for the drawbridge. Similarly smaller pieces of chocolate were fixed as windows on the 4 towers.

I colored 4 icing cones and inverted them on the cake cylinders to complete the towers. I used the remaining cake crumbs – colored green, some colored chocolate strands to make the area around the wall look pretty, and chocolate shavings as gravelly road leading away from the castle walls.

I didn’t have fondant, but if you do your job will be much easier.

Cool Castle Cake for my Daughter's 6th Birthday