Castle Cake for a Tiny Princess

4 boxes confetti cake mix, 2 hot pink icing 1 white icing, 1 can of ready to decorate green icing, ice cream cones, sugar cones, blue food gel, candy pearls, food color, graham crackers.

This was for my little girl’s first birthday and I knew that I just had to make her first cake because of how special that day was to her father and me. The original plan was to make a number one shaped cake but I wanted her first birthday to be superb! I wanted a cake made with LOVE from the heart! I searched the the internet to get ideas to create my cake and sketched it out on paper. I used the design to help me purchase the items I needed.

I baked the layers for the cake and cupcakes a day ahead so that I could put them in the refrigerator to firm up that way it would be easier to shape them as needed with a knife. I started on the cake the morning of her birthday at 3am and didn’t finish until 630am. The bottom layer was two 9×9 inches cakes stacked and the top was two as well but cut down smaller to sit on top. I filled and iced the cakes and added the graham cracker windows and door. The candy pearls were added immediately before the icing firmed.

To make the towers I put a small amount of icing along the top of the inside of the ice cream cones. I cut the tip of the sugar cones off for an opening for the wands and stuck the sugar cone on top of the ice cream cone. The icing would run over and that is what I used to stick the candy pearls around it. From there I just decorated the cake using the rest of the supplies mentioned above until I got the desired result.

The funniest part was that as I was decorating the cake, the top part started sliding off! It looked like the Eifle Tower! Oh dear I panicked because I knew that the icing was about to be ruined but luckly when I pushed the cake back over everything else fell back in place. I placed the cake in the fridge to cool off even more to prevent that from happening again.

The hardest part was placing the candy beads around the doors and windows without ruining the icing. Just my luck I still got some on my fingers and some got smeared on the candy pearls.

My husband, family, and friends loved the cake!!  They couldn’t believe that I had crafted such a beautiful cake myself. My aunt even thought that I lied about making it! lol. Anyhow it was super delicious and moist and I am very glad that I made the decision to make my daughter’s cake because not only did I find a hidden talent but it made memories that my family can look back on and smile.