Coolest Bat Cake

Homemade Bat Cake

I made this Bat Cake from one 8″ round with no leftover scraps! I cut the wings from the sides of the round with a scalloped shape in the middle, for the underside of the wings, leaving three connected oval-ish shapes in the middle. Two of those ovals became the bat’s body and head. The … Read more

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I made this cake using round cake pans. I also used one of my best cake recipes for the base. I drew a pattern on wax paper then traced the shapes with a sharp knife and pieced it together. I used neon food coloring to make it bright purple. I used the leftover pieces to … Read more

Best Cake Recipes for Bat-Shaped Cakes 1

I copied this design from a napkin on to the cake for the party. It took a very long time but the results were great! I did not transfer the pattern onto the cake I free-handed the design with icing.