Coolest Unikitty LEGO Cake!

Coolest Unikitty LEGO Cake!

When I first heard of Unikitty I had no clue who she was. I actually had to watch the LEGO movie with my boys to see her… lol. Then, I heard that Unikitty has two sides, her nice side and her angry side, which I saw in movie. :)  I had to find out which Unikitty my friend … Read more

Last Minute Cat Birthday Cake

Last Minute Cat Birthday Cake

My niece has a fascination with cats and since her last birthday has been hounding her mum to make the ‘cat cake’ , 2 days before the party a phone call from my niece saying that her mother wasn’t making a cake and wasn’t even going to her party, and she was beside herself (she … Read more

Hilarious Kitty Litter Cake with Tootsie Roll Turds!

I made this for my Son’s birthday. This is a REAL cat litter pan and scoop (new) The litter is crumbled up yellow cake mix The turds are tootsie rolls. I brought this to my sons school and none of the kids would eat it. (Do you blame them?) I had a blast making this … Read more

Drop Dead Cat Cake

Drop Dead Cat Cake

This drop dead cat cake is a  funny cake chosen by my granddaughter for her 16th birthday. First I made my favorite butter cake recipe and cooked it in a  10 inch round tin. Slightly needed to cut the top to flatten then covered with butter icing and then blue fondant. Then it was time … Read more

Cats with a Ball of Yarn Birthday Cake

Cats with a Ball of Yarn Birthday Cake

This ball of yarn birthday cake was made for my daughter for her birthday. The cake is a basic Victoria sponge covered with white fondant icing, the ball of wool was made by forming a ball with white icing and rolling pink fondant icing into long thin strips and the very carefully wrapping them around … Read more

Coolest Persian Kitty Cake

Coolest Persian Kitty Cake

My Doctor asked me to  make a cake for her 11 year old daughters’ birthday. She was getting her a Persian kitten and wanted me to include one on a make up themed cake. I had never tried to sculpt a kitten so I thought it would be a good idea to try it with … Read more

Cool Smokey the Cat Birthday Cake

Smokey the cat…for a cat lover. My first attempt at an animal. I carved my cake when it was still slightly frozen. When covering the cake I had to work quickly to smooth into the grooves that I had carved. I used rolled fondant for the tail and mixed tylose powder with the fondant for … Read more

Coolest 12 Year Old Cat Lovers Cake

My daughter’s love of cats was my inspiration for these two adorable felines! To make these two cat cakes, I used two 9″ pans. stacked on top of each other with homemade butter cream icing! (2 sticks butter, 2 Tlbs Milk, 1 tsp Vanilla, mix well and scrape sides, mix again while adding 4 cups … Read more

Cutest Kitty Birthday Cake

Cutest Kitty Birthday Cake

A friend of mine wanted a 3D kitty cake for her mother’s 67th birthday. I asked her if her mom had any cats. She said, “No, she just likes to help the strays around her apartment building.” I had only made one 3d cake in the past and it was quite an undertaking so I … Read more

Coolest Kitty Litter Cake

Coolest Kitty Litter Cake

I made this Kitty Litter cake  for my son’s 14th birthday because he said we couldn’t make something that will surprise him. Well, we have 8 rescued cats and I ran across this recipe online. I thought this was it!  I went to the store and purchased a new cat litter box, shovel, and liners. … Read more

Special Birthday Cake For A Cat Lover

The Cake

To say that my boss is a cat lover is mild. She is a cat fanatic!  Her current collection includes Sam, Lucy and Gabby.  They are very loved, very spoiled and very special.  So when Tracey was preparing to celebrate turning 50 the obvious theme for her special birthday cake was CATS. Of course the … Read more

Cute Cat Cake

Cake had to have artificial crack created.

We have one person who makes a lot of birthday cakes for folks in the office. One day she had the cake sitting on a table next to the steps in a cake keeper and was attempting to grab her cat to take to the vet. She accidently bumped the table while making a grab … Read more

Coolest Novelty Cat Cake

Coolest Novelty Cat Cake

This novelty cat cake was my first attempt at a sculpted cake, and let me tell you it was absolutely 100% enjoyable!  I would do it over 1000 times if I had to. I started preparations a few days in advance just to get an idea of what I was going to do. Bear in mind this is … Read more

Coolest Tom Cat Cake

Fabulous Tom cake

I was asked to make a cake for a cat charity event at work and thought this Tom cat cake would be appropriate. I saw lots of these types of cakes when looking on the internet for ideas. I downloaded a picture and off I went. I started by making the cake using a large … Read more

Cute Homemade 3D Cat Cake for my Little Neighbor

Coolest Cat Cake

This cat cake was made for my little neighbors birthday. Ingredients for this cake is not easily to translated into English but i’ll try. First layer is made of ground biscuits, butter , icing sugar and juice. Cream is made of milk, butter, sugar, and vanilla pudding. Second layer is made of biscuits (called Jaffa ,they are covered with … Read more

Coolest Kitty Birthday Cake

Coolest Kitty Birthday Cake

I made this Kitty birthday cake for my niece’s 8th birthday. She wanted a kitty cat because she like cats . This is the first cake I have ever made like this. The cat is made with rice krisp treats and white choc. melts. The little purple blanket is made with marshmallow fondant. The little yarn ball … Read more

Gross Kitty Litter Cake

Gross Kitty Litter Cake

I served this gross Kitty Litter cake at a Halloween supper, much to the delight and horror our of our guests! It looks absolutely gross, but of course tastes great and is just a lot of fun to serve. Crumble both a chocolate and a vanilla cake into a bowl.  Crumble/chop up a package of Golden … Read more

Coolest Purple Cat Face Cake

Homemade Purple Cat Face Cake

My best friend’s daughter is mad about cats and the color purple. So when she came to me, asking if I could make her daughter’s 3rd birthday cake, naturally it was going to be a purple cat face. I made a vanilla butter cake and tinted it pink. Baked it in a square tin and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cat Birthday Cake

Homemade Cat Birthday Cake

I made this Cat cake for a friend’s daughter’s birthday. She turned ten and she was in the middle of reading the ‘Warriors’ series by Erin Hunter. The cake was a hit on her birthday!

Awesome Homemade 3D Cat Cake

Cat Cake

I made this cat cake last year for my friend’s little girl. It was Madeira cake inside and when it was finished it weighed a ton!

Coolest Calico Cat Cake

Homemade Calico Cat Cake

I baked up 3-8″ round rich chocolate cakes (family recipe). After cooling I leveled them (except for the top layer), stacked while filling with vanilla butter cream, then dirty iced the whole cake. I saran wrapped then foil wrapped the cake and popped it in the freezer over night. Once it was solid I removed … Read more

Cat Birthday Cake #10

I just printed out a picture offline and traced it onto the cat birthday cake. I made royal flowers ahead of time and used them in the grass; I also made cat paw prints on the side of the cake. Jana loved her cat birthday cake!

Coolest Cat Face Cake

Homemade  Cat Face Cake

This Cat Face Cake was made using 2 round layer cake pans. The frosting was all buttercream, piped with a star tip. The ears were fondant, and the eyes and nose were Junior Mints. I used a hole tip for the whiskers and mouth. I made the nose/mouth 3D by forming the base out of … Read more

Coolest White Cat Birthday Cake

Homemade White Cat Birthday Cake

Preparing for my daughter’s fifth birthday, she could not decide on a theme. Two days before the big day, she decided she wants “snowy”, our pure white kitten to be the subject of her special cake. My good friend had found a fondant recipe on you-tube using marshmallows and microwaving them with confectioners sugar, which … Read more