Camilla the Chicken Cake

I have a good friend and he just happened to be adopted by a couple chickens a few years back. They wandered into his yard and took up residence under his deck. Unfamiliar with chicken care, it took him a while to figure out the required food and water and appropriate shelter. When he witnessed … Read more

Easter/Spring Chicken Cake

I made this cake as a spring chicken cake. I used a Wilton sports ball pan. The cake itself was strawberry cheesecake flavored. Once the two halves of the ball were cooled I leveled each half and cut a small piece off the bottom half so it would sit without wobbling and topped it with … Read more

Cool 90th Birthday Cake Idea: Chickens Playing Lawn Bowls

Cool 90th Birthday Cake Idea: Chickens Playing Lawn Bowls

I was asked to make a cake for a gentleman’s 90th birthday by a friend of my mum’s. They said he used to breed chickens and were thinking about a chicken cake. I thought that sounded a bit boring for such an impressive birthday so asked about a few other of his interests. I was … Read more

Coolest Rooster Birthday Cake

Homemade Rooster Birthday Cake

This Rooster Birthday Cake was pretty simple. I made an 18X22 butter cake. I frosted it entirely with faux fondant using an icing tip, then let it crust. I then used a fondant smoother very gently to smooth it out and pressed it with a non-patterned paper towel to give a matt look. I then … Read more

Coolest Hen Cake

Homemade Hen Cake

I made this Hen Cake recently for a friend of mine that was having a hen’s night. I am quite new to cake decorating, but thought I would give making a hen cake a go! And I was very pleased with the results! I used the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book duck cake as … Read more

Cool Homemade Hen Cake

Hen Cake

I first found the hen cake idea on this web site. As I raise chickens, I wanted to make a hen cake to enter into the local fair. I had seen cast aluminum 3D hen molds on eBay, and finally lucked out winning one. I used a cake recipe that I found online, which was … Read more

Coolest Rooster Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Rooster Birthday Cake Idea

I got the Rooster Birthday Cake Idea from your website for the chicken cake but my mother has a favourite rooster so I took lots of photos of him and came up with this. I used fondant to mould the head, tail, comb and gobbles but painted the later 2 red. To get some of … Read more

Coolest Chicken Cake

Homemade Chicken Cake

My mom collects chickens and for her 69th birthday I made her a chicken cake. I used fondant for the head and the tail and the rest is buttercreme, the eggs are fondant also.

Coolest Chicken-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas for Children 1

This was a cake I made for a County fair contest though it could also be birthday cake ideas for children. The theme was “feathered farm friends”. It won 1st place! Since it was not going to be eaten and was going to sit out for close to 2 weeks in uncontrolled temps. I used … Read more

Coolest Chicken-Shaped Birthday Cake Ideas for Children 3

I made this cake for my nephew Ethans first birthday, which was Easter weekend. I used a shaped pan of a chick coming out of an egg. The petals, leaves, and birthday banner were made out of fondant that I let dry overnight. The chick was supposed to be made with a star tip but … Read more