Coolest Homemade Cow Face and Tongue Birthday Cake

Coolest Cow Birthday Cake

Holy Cow! That’s a cool cow birthday cake. This is a two layer cake made with two 6″ rounds for the top eye area and two 10″ rounds for the snout area. After crumb coating they were covered in tawny coloured fondant. I made an oval pancake of black fondant and placed it on the large … Read more

Coolest 40th Cow Birthday Cake

Coolest 40th Cow Birthday Cake

I had a surprise birthday party for my husband’s 40th.  He is a farmer and loves his red and white Holstines!  I always joke that he has 54 girlfriends so I decided to make him a rated G sexy cow for the top of his cow birthday cake. One of his favorite cakes is banana … Read more

Cute 3D Cow Birthday Cake

For my twins 2nd birthday I did a pig and cute 3D cow birthday cake. I cooked the head and the body in round Pyrex bowls (smaller bowl for the head). All up it was about 3 cake mixes to fill both bowls. The legs were cut from cake cooked in a square tin. All pieces were secured … Read more

Cool Homemade Cow Birthday Cake With a Pink Nose

Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

This Cow Birthday Cake was for my friend’s daughter’s birthday. Miss Bailey wanted a cow. This was a new adventure for me but I was up to the challenge. I started with a 14in round cake and an 8in cake. I cut the 8in down to make the snout and used the remainder as the … Read more

Sweet Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

I made this Cow birthday cake for my son’s 4th birthday. I got the idea off of a few different cakes that I found online. I can’t remember how many boxes of cake mix I used because it’s been almost a year but I think that I used 2. The body of the cow was … Read more

Coolest 21st Cow Birthday Cake

Homemade 21st Cow Birthday Cake

My brother’s nickname is Matty Moo so for his 21st Birthday we made him a cow cake! It was really simply, the cow was really easy and looked great. The 2 and 1 were just tins I hired and covered with butter icing (made with Solite to make sure it stayed white) and the black … Read more

Coolest Cow Birthday Cake

Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

I made this Cow Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I made two buttercakes and put one in a 20 x 20 cm square tin. The other mixture I made 5 cup cakes, in a muffin tin and then put the rest of the mixture into a loaf tin. Cut the square cake vertically … Read more

Coolest Bull Head Cake

Homemade Bull Head Cake

We live rural so I wanted to make a Homemade Bull Head Cake for my son’s 10th birthday. I used a picture of a real bull to get the right proportions. I baked a large square pan and a round cereal bowl. Out of the square cake I cut the shape of the head. I … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Cow Cake

Homemade Cow Cake

This homemade cow cake was for my sons 3rd Birthday party. I made two sponge cakes, one in an 8″ circular tin the other in a 10″ square. The recipe for the sponge was equal weight of egg to flour to butter to sugar with a pinch of bicarb and drop of vanilla essence. I … Read more

Coolest Highland Cow Cake

Homemade Highland Cow Cake

This was originally a ‘joke’ request from a friend that turned in to being my first ‘commissioned’ cake. Since I’m not terribly artistic I took inspiration from a modelling clay badge I saw online. The base of the cake is 2 8″ sponges sandwiched together with butter cream and stuck to a 9″ board. I … Read more

Easy Homemade Cow Birthday Cake for my Daughter

Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

I made this Cow Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday as she loves cows. It was chocolate with butter cream icing. I used the cow shaped tin, hired. Just used a few basic colors to keep it simple. I used fondant to shape the eyes and tongue. I also put little heart sprinkles in … Read more

Coolest Cow Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Cow Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Cow Birthday Cake Idea for my grandma’s surprise 80th birthday party. She lives on a farm and LOVES cows, so it was only fitting that I made her a cow cake. I made the cow on top of the cake with rice cripsy treats, I used less butter and marshmallows so it … Read more

Coolest Purple Cow Cake

Homemade Purple Cow Cake

I made this purple cow cake twice actually. Once as it appears and once reversed with the cow being purple with white spots. I however do not have a picture. I used the Wilton Animal Cracker pan. For the tiny horns I used Good & Plentys and tied a ribbon for the bow.

Cute Homemade Cow Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Cow Birthday Cake Idea

When I asked my daughter, who was turning three, what kind of birthday cake she wanted, she requested a mama moo-moo and baby moo-moo cake. I searched online for a Cow Birthday Cake Idea and came across this website, and found all the inspiration that I needed! I baked the cake in 1-9 inch pan, … Read more

Simple Homemade Cow Cake Idea

Homemade Cow Cake

This Cow Cake was my daughter’s 8th birthday cake. It is made from 2 8in round cakes stacked. I frosted the whole thing white. In order to make the brown spots shaped as I wanted, I used a butter knife to lightly trace lines in the white frosting that I filled in with piped on … Read more

Coolest Cow Cake Idea

Homemade Cow Cake Idea

This Homemade Cow Cake Idea was a 10″ cake and a 6″ cake. The bottom layer was iced with white buttercream and included black cow spots made of fondant. The second layer is just iced pink. I made the flowers a few days in advance out of rolled fondant using flower cutters. I also made … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cow Cake

Homemade Cow Cake

I made this Cow Cake for a lady’s 1 year old son. I loved making this, I had a great time. I also made the cow candle holder next to it. It’s made of fondant. The cake is made of rich choc mud.

Coolest Miss Moo Cow Birthday Cake

Homemade Miss Moo Cow Birthday Cake

For my son’s 2nd birthday I made him this Miss Moo Birthday Cake. I got the idea from a book that he loves to read. I baked a large rectangular chocolate cake and cut the cow head out of the par-frozen cake (doesn’t crumble so much when it’s partly frozen). I then drew the outline … Read more