Coolest Dog Bowl Cake

Homemade  Dog Bowl Cake

I used 2 9 inch round cake pans and baked a boxed confetti cake. After they both cooled, I took one of the rounds and set it upside down on the cake platter and iced the top, then I took the other round and cut a whole in the center leaving about 2 inches all … Read more

Coolest Dog Food Bowl Birthday Cake

Homemade Dog Food Bowl Birthday Cake

My granddaughter wanted a Dog Food Bowl Birthday Cake filled with peanut butter cereal. She didn’t want a dog, just the bowl, but also wanted the bowl on a rug. The colors are what she asked for. The bowl was baked using 2 boxes of cake mixes in a very big very old heavy spaghetti … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dog Bowl Shaped Dog Birthday Cake Recipes 3

This dog bowl cake was actually pretty easy to make. I made it three layers and then tapered the sides to look more like a dog bowl. I scooped out a very shallow circle in the center and frosted the whole bowl. I used fondant and alphabet cookie cutters for the name “Roscoe” and Cocoa … Read more