Cutest Bulldog Cake

Talk about complicated, these cute little puppies have so many wrinkles and crevises. It was so fun to do though. I made it for a friend’s wife for her birthday since they have 2 of these babies. I started off sculpting the head out of rice crispy treats and forming it too the basic shape … Read more

Coolest Pup Cake

Coolest Pup Cake

Love at first sight!  That is how I describe the feeling when I first laid eyes on our little Mashi, Tillie. Those big, black eyes against her white cotton pelt were just heart melting.  This was no dog, she became our baby. As her first birthday was approaching, I knew we had to have a … Read more

Awesome Yorkie Cake

Awesome Yorkie Cake

This awesome Yorkie cake  was baked in the teddy bear stand up pan. I trimmed the ears to be pointed and cut the belly down a little. I put some icing on the ears so they would be smooth and made black eyes and nose. I used rolled/filled wafer cookies and measured them for the front legs. I … Read more

Cool Homemade Boxer Dog Cake

Coolest Boxer Dog Cake

When making this Boxer dog cake for a little girl that loves dogs, it was a joy to see her face upon arrival. I made a chocolate sheet cake double layer, on top was the dog which I made a 8x9x2 rectangle cake, froze both and carved the dog out of the smaller cake. Icing:  was … Read more

Cool Dog Cake

Cool Dog Cake

The head of this dog cake was made from rise krispy treats. The body is sponge and butter cream fondant icing. The ears I made separate with gum paste, hard to put  on his head, it kept falling off. I sprayed with edible spray. The fur was made by pricking and pulling and scraping the fondant icing. As I … Read more

Wicked Animal Friends Cake for 6 Year-Old Boy

Wicked Animal Friends Cake for 6 Year-Old Boy

Conner’s stuffed animal friends are very important to him and we wanted to find a way that they could share in his special day, but since he has quite the crew taking them all to the bowling ally was out of the question – so we did the next best thing. The custom topper is … Read more

Coolest Puppy Roller Skate Cake

Coolest Puppy Roller Skate Cake

I came up with this Puppy Roller Skate Cake after a friend’s daughter decided to have a Skate Party with a Diva Puppy theme. I was reasonably certain I could make a roller skate cake, but wasn’t sure about a free form puppy. I started with a 9×13 cake. I found a boot print online and … Read more

Cute Homemade Buttercream Dog Cake

Dog Cake

This dog cake is a 1/4 sheet cake. Frosted in white buttercream frosting. I printed out a picture of my daughter favorite stuffed dog on the computer. I enlarged it to fit the cake. I then transferred it on to wax paper with a sharpie. Then I turned it over and retraced it with black … Read more

Coolest Chihuaha Cake

Homemade Chihuaha Cake

I made this Chihuaha Cake for my nephew’s birthday. He wanted his Chihuaha dog as a cake. First I stacked two cakes on top of each other and carved the body design out of cake. Then I frosted the entire cake lightly with buttercream. Then I went over it with a no. 47 tip to … Read more

Cool Homemade Pug Dog Cake

Homemade Pug Dog Cake

I made this Pug Dog cake as a belated birthday present to myself. I adore pugs but getting my own one is a long way away as I’m about to start graduate school. This cake is very easy and I imagine can be modified for any kind of dog. I used a 4-egg sponge recipe … Read more

Coolest Dachshund Birthday Cake

Homemade Dachshund Birthday Cake

My mom has a Dachshund and I wanted to make a cake that looked like her. I found a picture on the internet, carved a regular rectangle out and decorated it! She loved the Dachshund Birthday Cake! Now she and my aunt expect doggy cakes for their birthday every year.

Coolest Dog Cake

Dog Cake

This dog cake was for my daughter’s 3rd Birthday, so only my 3rd B-day cake, but I really get such great inspiration and ideas from this website (like freezing the cake for easier, crumbless cutting). I knew I wanted to do a dog (animals being more forgiving to re-create than a cartoon character!), and liked … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dog Cakes 8

My daughter turning 4 INSISTED on a Kipper birthday party but since Kipper the Dog hasnt “crossed the pond” as they say from England. I had to come up with a kipper birthday all by myself so I went to your website and found dog cakes which I just copied. Thanks! This cake was so … Read more

Coolest Puppy Cake

Puppy Cake

My niece received a Malteshon (half Maltese, half Bishon) puppy earlier in the year, so when she got ready to have her fifth birthday party she wanted her cake to look just like her little dog Isabelle! This puppy cake was so very simple to make: I just made a sheet cake and some cupcakes. … Read more

Coolest Border Terrier Dog Cake

Homemade Border Terrier Dog Cake

My brother requested a dog cake for his mother-in-laws 60th birthday, she recently got 2 border terrier pups and he thought it would be a nice idea. So he gave me a photo and I copied it and made this Border Terrier Dog Cake. I made 6 spongecakes and layered with strawberry jam. Then I … Read more

Coolest Saint Bernard Dog Cake Design

Homemade Saint Bernard Dog Cake Design

I made this Homemade Saint Bernard Dog Cake Design for my daughter’s 1st birthday. She loved our dog Digit so I was inspired to make a Digit cake. This cake is special for the whole family because Digit is no longer with us. It is like a memorial cake now. I am so happy I … Read more

Cool Homemade 2 Tiered Dog Birthday Cake With Dog Cookies

Homemade Dog Birthday Cake

As if for inspiration for his birthday cake, my soon to be two year old, colored our WHITE dog BLUE with permanent marker. That answered the question as to what his birthday theme would be. I had seen a Wilson’s cake that was a safari theme with animals all around it and I knew this … Read more

Coolest Pug Cupcake

Homemade Pug Cupcake

I made these cupcakes for my friend’s Pugs Birthday! I Got the idea from a book called “Hello Cupcake”. They have really cute ideas and lots of different dog breeds. The ingredients were simple and easy to find. The ears are rolled out tootsie rolls, and the tongue is a pink Starburst candy rolled and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dog Birthday Cake Ideas 5

When my son, Brian, decided on a “The Dog” theme for his seventh birthday party, I searched on the internet for ideas and came across this website. I made this dog birthday cake. I topped it off with a dog bowl cake which I created using a stainless steel dog bowl which I purchased new … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dog Cakes 9

My son really likes animals especially dogs so I decided to do Spot. This cake can be made from any Spot picture (Spot is a basic shape). To make the template trace the picture of dog cakes you want and enlarge it on the photocopier. I made a cake and cut out the shape from … Read more

Sweet Homemade Dog Face Birthday Cake

Dog Cake

My niece, Katie, just turned 12 years old and wanted a Dog birthday cake (she can’t have a dog were she lives). So, this was my first dog cake and I wanted to make it the best cake that she had ever seen. I molded 12 dogs out of fondant along with bones, a dog … Read more

Coolest Basset Hound 50th Birthday Cake

Homemade Basset Hound 50th Birthday Cake

This Basset Hound 50th Birthday Cake was made for my friend’s aunt’s 50th birthday. I used a 9 inch round for the body, halved and put together upright. I used pampered chef prep bowls for the legs. The head was made with half of the Wilton small ball pan. I used another small round cake … Read more