Cool Homemade Dog Cake With Bunny Ears

Dog Cake

I made this dog cake for Easter. I made a dog with bunny ears! I took an 8″ round cake, cut it in half for the body. I added pieces of cake to make the legs, paws and nose area. I used whipped icing with the large 3 star tip to make the fur for dog. I … Read more

Cutest Bulldog Cake

Talk about complicated, these cute little puppies have so many wrinkles and crevises. It was so fun to do though. I made it for a friend’s wife for her birthday since they have 2 of these babies. I started off sculpting the head out of rice crispy treats and forming it too the basic shape … Read more

Coolest Pup Cake

Coolest Pup Cake

Love at first sight!  That is how I describe the feeling when I first laid eyes on our little Mashi, Tillie. Those big, black eyes against her white cotton pelt were just heart melting.  This was no dog, she became our baby. As her first birthday was approaching, I knew we had to have a … Read more

Awesome Yorkie Cake

Awesome Yorkie Cake

This awesome Yorkie cake  was baked in the teddy bear stand up pan. I trimmed the ears to be pointed and cut the belly down a little. I put some icing on the ears so they would be smooth and made black eyes and nose. I used rolled/filled wafer cookies and measured them for the front legs. I … Read more

Cool Homemade Boxer Dog Cake

Coolest Boxer Dog Cake

When making this Boxer dog cake for a little girl that loves dogs, it was a joy to see her face upon arrival. I made a chocolate sheet cake double layer, on top was the dog which I made a 8x9x2 rectangle cake, froze both and carved the dog out of the smaller cake. Icing:  was … Read more

Cool Dog Cake

Cool Dog Cake

The head of this dog cake was made from rise krispy treats. The body is sponge and butter cream fondant icing. The ears I made separate with gum paste, hard to put  on his head, it kept falling off. I sprayed with edible spray. The fur was made by pricking and pulling and scraping the fondant icing. As I … Read more

Wicked Animal Friends Cake for 6 Year-Old Boy

Wicked Animal Friends Cake for 6 Year-Old Boy

Conner’s stuffed animal friends are very important to him and we wanted to find a way that they could share in his special day, but since he has quite the crew taking them all to the bowling ally was out of the question – so we did the next best thing. The custom topper is … Read more

Coolest Puppy Roller Skate Cake

Coolest Puppy Roller Skate Cake

I came up with this Puppy Roller Skate Cake after a friend’s daughter decided to have a Skate Party with a Diva Puppy theme. I was reasonably certain I could make a roller skate cake, but wasn’t sure about a free form puppy. I started with a 9×13 cake. I found a boot print online and … Read more

Coolest Puppy Birthday Cake

Homemade Puppy Birthday Cake

This Puppy Birthday Cake was for a little boy’s 1st birthday. I sculpted the whole thing out of all different sized and shaped cakes. I held it together with dowel rods and toothpicks. Be sure to keep a tally of all toothpicks you use so you can count them while serving the cake to be … Read more

Coolest Westie Dog Cake

Homemade Westie Dog Cake

This Westie Dog Cake was done for a friend who bred West Highland terriers. I made a basic Madeira and cut a rectangle for the body and a smaller one for the head. They were held together with butter cream and then the whole cake covered in butter cream before covering with white fondant icing. … Read more

Coolest Westie Dog Cake Design

Homemade Westie Dog Cake Design

I made this Westie Dog Cake Design yesterday, a simple sponge cake with icing. The dog was a little harder to decorate than I first thought. I hoped to pipe the hair onto him but I didn’t do that properly so I ended up sticking little white feathers on it but it looked OK in … Read more

Cool Homemade Dog Birthday Cake for my Niece

Homemade Dog Birthday Cake

This is a Dog Birthday Cake I made for my niece for her 6th birthday. She loves dogs and was having a dog themed birthday. I made the body from a 9×13 pan and cut it in half, stacking one on top of the other with icing in between. For the head I used a … Read more

Awesome Homemade Dog Birthday Cake

Homemade Dog Birthday Cake

My friend asked me to make her 1 year old a dog birthday cake. At the party one of the older girls cried when they cut the cake as she thought it was real. I used number 233 nozzle with a piping bag and milk chocolate Betty Crocker icing for the fur, white chocolate buds … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dog Cake Ideas 0

I looked at another dog cake on this website and didnt have all the resources to copy them so I had to come up with some other ideas. Thanks to the Food Network and brainstorming I had my dog out of Rice Crispies and sat her on top of a double layer rainbow cake covered … Read more

Coolest Homemade Poodle Doggie Cake Recipes and Photos 1

I made this cake for my daughters 5th birthday. She wanted a pink poodle party with a cake shaped like a poodle. We could not find a bakery with anything she liked so I decided to try coming up with one of my own Pink Poodle doggie cake recipes.This is my first ‘shaped’ cake and … Read more

Cool Homemade Puppy Dog Cake

Homemade Puppy Dog Cake

We used the Pampered Chef batter bowl that is generally used to make the 3-D princess Barbie cake for this Puppy Dog Cake. We iced it, used cookies for eyes, a Hershey’s kiss for the nose and an Airhead for the tongue. The ears are brownies.

Coolest Border Collie Cake

Homemade Border Collie Cake

My partner Matt loves his avalanche dog Blizzid and I thought a border collie Blizzid cake would be perfect for his 40th birthday party, novelty cakes aren’t just for kids! I googled ‘Border Collie cakes’ and didn’t find much, so here’s one for any border collie enthusiasts out there! I used a ‘panda/pig/cat’ cake tin … Read more

Coolest Schnauzer Birthday Cake

Homemade Schnauzer Birthday Cake

I made this homemade Schnauzer birthday cake for my brother-in-law’s birthday. They have 4 schnauzers. I used a loaf pan for the body and a 9″ round pan to cut out the legs, tail, and top of head. I used rice krispie cookies for the ears and black jelly beans for the eyes and nose. … Read more

Adorable Homemade Furry Dog Cake

Homemade Dog Cake

My ten year old daughter wanted to have a dogie themed birthday party. So I began searching online for ideas of how to make a Dog Cake and that’s how I came to this website for a little inspiration. I have decorated my children’s cakes every year, each one unique and special to them. I … Read more

Coolest Puppy Cake

Homemade Puppy Cake

I made this puppy birthday cake for our Furson and our family; I normally do not give dog parties but any excuse to get family over to our house is fine with me. My husband’s Dachshund was 14 years old and he wanted us to throw him a party. I’ve never done a doggie party … Read more