Pink Elephant Cake

Pink Elephant Cake

My E loved elephants, so for her 2nd birthday, I decided to give this cake a whirl.  It was only my second time really decorating a cake (and my first time using icing tips), so I was happy (and relieved) with the final outcome.  The cake was only a single layer, using one funfetti cake … Read more

Elephant Themed Baby Shower Cake

Elephant Themed Baby Shower Cake

This is an Elephant themed baby shower cake I just recently made for my daughter’s friend. The cake was three 6″ layers of white velvet cake from a recipe I found inspiration for online. It is a white boxed cake mix with sour cream and coffee creamer added among other things. The buttercream recipe was … Read more

Cute Elephant Baby Shower Cake

Blue surprise

This cute baby shower cake was the second cake I was honored to make for my sweet friend Laurel. The first being a reveal cake for her darling little boy. The cake is white but with a sweet surprise inside. It is filled with blue cake pops so that when it is cut it appears … Read more

Coolest 3D Elephant Cake

Ruffles and cut out flowers on the base.

I am usually shown a picture of what someone would like for a cake. I add my personal touches and pride my work in making it look like what is in their mind. The picture was shown to me of an elephant on top of a cake that was made purely of fondant. I was … Read more

Easy Homemade Blue Elephant Birthday Cake

Coolest Elephant Birthday Cake

My friend likes elephants and one of our favorite outings is to the zoo to see the Festival of Lights, so I made her this elephant birthday cake for her birthday.  The head is made from an 8 in. round cake pan.  The ears are made from an 8 in. round  cake pan also and … Read more

Coolest Elephants Playing In Pond Birthday Cake

This is my cake with elephants playing in a pond with a waterfall. I made the elephant center piece up a week in advance to make sure that it was sturdy enough to make the trip to my friend’s house. She loves elephants. The centerpiece was made in stages, letting it dry between steps. The … Read more

Adorable Homemade 3D Pink Elephant Birthday Cake

Coolest Elephant Birthday Cake

It was my friend’s 18th, so I made her a pink elephant cake. It wasn’t that complicated to make, but it did take a large amount of time. It only requires one, round shaped cake, baked in a pudding bowl. I made it in a small pudding bowl due to a limited amount of fondant icing, … Read more

From Bear to Baby Elephant Cake

From Bear to Baby Elephant Cake

Materials needed – Wilton’s Stand-up Teddy Bear pan, ear template from Wilton’s site, fondant, large marshmallows, toothpicks and butter cream. Bake cake according to Wilton’s directions, allow to cool overnight. In the beginning Once you have your cake cooled, trim off the teddy bears ears. Trace Wilton’s ear template onto cardboard, cut out and wrap in foil. Attach … Read more

Coolest Standup Elephant Cake

Homemade Standup Elephant Cake

I created this Standup Elephant Cake for my mother’s birthday using ideas I found from different websites including this one. I used the standup teddy bear cake pan from Wilton and used a box pound cake mix. I then cut up some large marshmallows and used them for the feet pinning them in place with … Read more

Cute Homemade Carved Elephant Birthday Cake

Homemade Elephant Birthday Cake

I made this Elephant birthday cake for a little girl’s 4th birthday. I was stumped when she said she wanted an elephant cake. I didn’t want to use an elephant pan, but wanted to create my own! Also, I hate fondant, so I wanted to be able to use regular butter cream frosting. So, here … Read more

Coolest Homemade Elephant Birthday Cake Pictures and Tips 4

I baked two 9×13 in. cakes and then stacked them on top of each other. Then I cut the whole cake in half and placed them next to each other like a “T” shape. The horizontal became the head and vertical became the body. Next, I rounded the elephants head and body free hand with … Read more

Awesome Homemade 2 Tiered Elephant Birthday Cake

Girly Elephant

I made this cake for a 5-year-old girl’s birthday party. It is made with strawberry flavored cake and is covered with butter cream frosting under a layer of fondant. The cake serves 36 people. I used double layer round 9″ cakes for the base, and the body part of a doll dress cake pan for … Read more

Coolest Heffalump Cake Ideas 0

After making the cake that appears below this one (#1 on this page), I had to make another. I used the same techniques but it just came out much better the second time around.

Elephant Cake

Birthday Elephant

To make this 3D elephant cake, I used the Wilton 3D bear cake pan. After the cake was cooled, I cut off the bear ears. Then I iced the cake smooth with a blueish grey icing. With some fancy paper, I fashioned a party hat and taped it together. I attached some ribbon to the … Read more

Cute Homemade Pink Elephant Birthday Cake

Homemade  Elephant Birthday Cake

At first my daughter wanted a “Happy Pink Captain Hook” cake – but that was NOT happening. We finally managed to settle for a pink Elephant Birthday Cake, made from two circle cakes, one for the body and the other for the legs, trunk and ears drawn freehand but inspired from the basic Google “elephant” … Read more

Coolest Heffalump Cake Ideas 1

I made this cake for my niece who is in love with the Heffalump movie. I used two 9×13 cakes and carved the body, head, trunk, and legs. I used fondant to cover the entire Heffalump because it gives a more “cartoon” look. All the hair, seams, eyes, tail, and hair are also made out … Read more

Cool Homemade Elephant Cake

Elephant Cake

For my daughter’s 1st birthday, I had bought a teddy bear pan and a 3D mini-bear pan from eBay and this was my plan. I wanted something original so I looked on this site for some ideas. When I realized that a bear wasn’t my only option with this pan, I was really pleased and … Read more

Coolest Elephant Cake

Elephant Cake

For my son’s 2nd birthday we took him to the zoo to celebrate and then had a zoo-themed party. I got the idea for this cake right off this website and changed it up just a little bit to suit my tastes. I baked a chocolate cake in the Wilton teddy bear pan for this … Read more

Cool Homemade 2D Elephant Birthday Cake for our Daughter

Homemade Elephant Birthday Cake

My husband and I made this elephant birthday cake for our daughter’s “Zoo Theme” 2nd birthday. The base was a piece of plywood that was covered with aluminum foil and then covered with a thin layer of rice krispie treats (as well as coconut clouds and coconut grass!) The elephant was made from three 9 … Read more

Cool Homemade Pink Elephant Cake

Elephant Cake

This is the second time that I’ve made this elephant cake, both times for first birthdays. It is adorable and easy to make. I hope you enjoy preparing it for your loved one as much as I did. You’ll need: 2 round cakes (any size that suites your crowd) Frosting Shredded Coconut Candies for toenails,eyes,and … Read more

Cute Homemade Green Elephant Cake

Homemade Elephant Cake

My nephew specifically wanted a green elephant cake for his 4th birthday party. I didn’t want my sister to have to spend a lot of money for a custom cake so I volunteered my amateur baking services. I used the white chocolate variation from the White Almond Sour Cream Wedding cake (from and baked … Read more

Cute Homemade Elephant Cake Using Wilton Cake Pan

Homemade Elephant Cake

This Elephant Cake was made for a lady that loves Elephants! The top cake was a Wilton elephant cake pan on top of a 12×18 sheet cake! The elephant was iced with star tip #16 and outlined with tip #5! The flowers, stems, leaves and bow were all made a few days before out of … Read more

Cool Homemade Repulican Party Elephant Cake

Homemade Republican Elephant Cake

I made this elephant cake for my college Republican club campaign party. I made a rectangular cake and printed a picture of the elephant off of my computer to use as a stencil, sorta, and cut each of the three colored sections out separately then put them together with icing. I think that it gives … Read more