Coolest Rudolph the Reindeer Christmas Cake

Coolest Rudolph the Reindeer Christmas Cake

I made this Rudolph the Reindeer Christmas Cake for an office Christmas party. It was my first attempt at covering my entire cake with fondant. The cake itself was a homemade red velvet cake and I covered it with my butter cream frosting. The reindeer was a make up of three different size round cakes. I then covered … Read more

3D Deer Cake

Homemade Deer Cake

I made this Deer with Antlers cake for my brother’s 60th birthday. He is a hunter and avid outdoors man and I thought this deer cake would be perfect. I made the antler frame out of copper wire and covered them with fondant, decorated with chocolate buttercream icing. I made holes in the tips to … Read more

Coolest Buck Cake

Homemade Buck Cake

My son was turning 11 and he always wanted a buck cake but I never hand the time. Since I only work 2 days now I figured it was time to make him the cake. I started by carving the head out of Styrofoam and shaping the antlers out of wire. Then once I had … Read more

Coolest Deer and Camo Cake

Homemade Deer and Camo Cake

My best friend asked me to do her 4 year old a deer hunting cake and this is what we came up with. This Deer and Camo Cake is a basic 9×13 cake with home made BC icing. I printed a deer picture off the computer in mirror vision and the put a piece of … Read more

Coolest Christmas Reindeer Cake

Homemade Christmas Reindeer Cake

I baked a rich fruit cake recipe below: 1 round 23 cm cake tin with loose bottom 500g mixed dried fruit 500g sultanas 250g currants 180ml brandy 125g glace cherries 275g plain flour 2tsp ground mixed spice 225gsoft brown sugar 225g soft butter Zest of 1 medium orange Zest of 1 unwaxed lemon 100g ground … Read more

Coolest Deer Antler Birthday Cake

Homemade Deer Antler Birthday Cake

My son for birthday number 12 wanted a plaque with horns for his cake. Like the ones hanging on our wall of which all my sons and husband are big hunters. So I gave it much thought. The cake was no big deal, just 2 9×13 chocolate cakes. Put them in the freezer because they … Read more

Coolest 3D Deer Hunter Cake

Homemade Deer Hunter Cake

This Deer Hunter Cake was made for an avid deer hunter. It is a double layer 8-inch cake covered in camo fondant. The fondant deer head is sculpted by hand and painted with brown, black, pink and tan gel colors.

Coolest Homemade Reindeer Cake Ideas 0

I started with a large and a medium round pan for this reindeer cake. I carved the deer head out of the large round pan (including the ears)and pieced the antler together by cutting strips from the small cake pan and connecting them with chocolate icing. make sure to keep all of the cutting scraps … Read more

Coolest Homemade Reindeer Cake Ideas 1

Supplies needed: buttercream icing tinted green and creamy light brown, but leave the majority white. Chocolate buttercream icing, tint some black, leave the rest as is, cake mix of choice, Wilton piping gel, a disposable decorating bag and waxed paper. Bake a round cake and ice white. In Microsoft Word I found a deer picture … Read more

Coolest Homemade Reindeer Cake Ideas 2

I made a square fruit cake and covered it with marzipan then royal icing – creating the swirls with a flat knife. This is the base of the reindeer cake. Robbie the Reindeer is modeled from fondant icing coloured brown then textured with the end of a cocktail stick. His limbs and antlers are all … Read more

Coolest Elk Cake

Homemade Elk Cake

For his 4th birthday, my son wanted an elk cake to go with his hunting theme birthday party. We used a 9×13 sheet cake for the base, and grass part. We used a Wilton lamb pan for elk part. We reoriented the head, so that the back of the cake would balance the antlers, which … Read more

Coolest Reindeer Cake

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Cake

My kids, nieces, and nephews look forward to an eccentric cake at our Christmas Party, each one different from the previous year. I’ve made castles, trees, etc., and then my daughter suggested that I make a Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Cake. Using a 13×9″ chocolate cake and an 8″ chocolate cake, I was able to … Read more

Coolest Deer Cake

Homemade Deer Cake

This was the largest cake, my father-in-law is a big hunter, and had given my boys both deer mounts for Christmas so me and my wife thought we would give him a deer cake for his birthday. We started by making a stand out of a 1×12 board then made a deer shape head for … Read more

Coolest Deer Cake

Homemade Deer Cake

My husband is a taxidermist and an avid hunter. He loved the idea of a deer cake. I make all my kids birthday cakes and I love to make cake where I have to cut the cake into the image. I first started with two boxes of cake mix and baked in a 1/2 sheet … Read more

Coolest Deer Birthday Cake

Homemade Deer Birthday Cake

I wanted to make a deer/hunting type cake for my brother in law’s birthday. I just wasn’t sure about doing a 3-d version of a deer. I started this Deer Birthday Cake with a chocolate cake mix and made an 8 inch square cake. I cut the cake and put a layer of homemade chocolate … Read more

Cool 3D Deer Cake

Homemade Deer Cake

I started this Deer Cake with 2 9×13 pans and 3 6 inch round pans, baked a white cake in them. I cut the 9×13 cakes in half and frosted vanilla butter cream in the middle and crumb coated it. I then cut the 6 inches in half and used 2 halves for the legs … Read more