Cute Homemade Frog Cake With Frog Candles

Frog Cake

I used 2 9x 13 cakes and stacked them on top of each other. I used a thin layer of frosting between them. I printed out a cute frog picture from my computer and used it to pipe a gel tracing on top of the cake. After frosting the frog cake with white buttercream, I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Frog Cake Ideas and Photos 6

I get the ideas for my cakes from whatever is in with the kids at their ages. This one was inspired for my sons 1st birthday, we had chosen frogs to be his thing from birth, the only decent frog that was cute & respectable was ‘Freddo the Frog’. I drew him myself using a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Frog Cakes 5

This frog birthday cake was made for my nephews first birthday. I baked a regular sheet cake and a pan of cupcakes. I then decorated the entire sheet cake with blue icing. Then I took the cupcakes and placed them along the back edge of the cake to make it look like the bank of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cakes 9

I made this cake for a friend who had a son turning one. I had never made frog birthday cakes before so this was quite a challenge seeing as I wanted to do a 3D standing up frog, but I was only supplied with two large squared banana cakes so I made it a 2D … Read more

Cool Homemade Fondant Frog Cake

Homemade Frog Cake

My son always loved frogs, so for his 6th birthday I decided to give a frog cake a try. I had been wanting to try a fondant cake so this proved to be a great opportunity. I baked two cake mixes divided into a round pan, square pan and cupcakes for the body parts. The … Read more

Coolest Toad Birthday Cake

Homemade Toad Birthday Cake

My son has been called “Sticky Toad” since the day he was born and in the last couple of years he has really begun to like his nick name. So I decided to make him a “Sticky Toad” Toad Birthday Cake this year for his birthday! It may have taken me about two and half … Read more

Coolest Froggie Birthday Cake

Homemade Froggie Birthday Cake

Thanks to the posting by Tarra M.,Caldwell, ID (frog 06)for her Froggie Birthday Cake. I followed her instructions to the letter and Voila! A frog cake emerged. My cupcake eyes were the only part that didn’t work easily for me but this was the first character cake I EVER made and my 2 year old … Read more

Cool Homemade Frog Cake Using the Wilton 3D Teddy Bear Cake Pan

Homemade Frog On A  Lilly Pad

I used the Wilton 3-D Teddy Bear cake pan and used extra cake to make the frog feet, then used large white melting chocolates and small chocolate chips for the eyes of this frog cake. I used a fruit roll up shaped into a tongue. I made a separate cake and carved a Lilly pad.

Coolest Homemade Frog Cake Ideas and Photos 7

I had a frog themed party for one of my 4 year old little boys and he was so excited. I wasnt sure I could make a frog cake, but I think it turned out nicely. I made a rectangular cake and traced a frog pattern I had made on wax paper onto the cake. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Frog Cakes 6

I made these frog cakes for my sons 8th birthday party which had a science theme. He wanted dissected frogs. I iced the cake with a light green on the top (which is the bottom of the frog) and used a darker green on the bottom (which is the top of the frog). I used … Read more

Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cakes 10

I used an Elmo cake pan to make this frog birthday cake. It was a yellow cake with chocolate pudding filling. I used different shades of green for the majority of the cake and to be a little fancier I added edible green glitter to the mouth. I used a fruit roll up for the … Read more