Coolest Painter Hedgehog Birthday Cake

Coolest Painter Hedgehog Birthday Cake

There is a romantic story behind this hedgehog birthday cake. It was ordered by a young woman as a gift for the birthday of her loved one, who is a talented artist. The hedgehog symbolizes the young artist himself, not only representing his personality, but also having something common with his appearance. :) She knew that … Read more

Coolest Homemade Hedgehog Cake

Homemade Hedgehog Cake

I saw this picture of a Hedgehog Cake in a recipe book in a book store and took a photo of the page with my mobile phone. I then set about trying to replicate it. I baked two round cakes in pyrex bowls, one small and one large. I cut two triangular shapes off the … Read more

Cool Homemade Hedgehog Birthday Cake

Homemade Hedgehog Birthday Cake

This Hedgehog Birthday Cake is just a basic round cake, cut in half and then sandwiched together with icing. Once together, shape the front of the cake to look more like a hedgehog’s face. Then completely cover the cake with Cadbury’s buttons and use smarties/M&M’s for the eyes and nose.

Coolest Hedgehog Cake

Erin's cute Hedgehog/ Echidna cake

This hedgehog cake is a cake I was asked to make for Erin’s birthday party after making her a little Eve cake on her actual birthday. I asked Erin what she wanted and she said a cute girl hedgehog and cupcakes. No surprise seeing as we’d been to Alma Park Zoo and had seen a … Read more

Coolest Cute Hedgehog Cake Idea

Homemade Cute Hedgehog Cake Idea

Many forms of chocolate come together to form this Cute Hedgehog Cake Idea. A chocolate Hostess Snowball was covered in melted chocolate (double boiling method works best for this) to form the head, and cut down the sides to form a triangle nose. A single mini marshmallow was cut in half to create two beady … Read more

Coolest Hedgehog Cake

Homemade Hedgehog Cake

This is Harriet the hedgehog cake, she initially came from the Cadburys cook book.Anyhow, she is easier than she looks. I made a normal chocolate cake but made it in pudding basin rather than a tin. Then into the oven until the cooked. Turn out and let it cool completely before attacking the icing. Cut … Read more

Coolest Hedgehog Birthday Cake

Hedgehog Cake

Bake a large chocolate sponge cake for the Hedgehog birthday cane and cut into thirds – place the side pieces onto the larger middle piece and cover the whole lot in butter icing with lots of melted chocolate stirred in. Shape into hedgehog body shape with a little extra splodge for the nose. Then use … Read more

Coolest Hedgie Birthday Cake

Homemade Hedgie Birthday Cake

My nephew and his wife did me the “favor” of producing 11 children for me to bake birthday cakes for. A great outlet for this 75-year-old lady’s creativity! I’ve found this site to be a treasure trove of ideas to get me started and guide me along! This Hedgie Birthday Cake was served today at … Read more