Coolest Hippo Lover Birthday Cake

Coolest Hippo Lover Birthday Cake

My youngest daughter LOVES Hippos. For her birthday, I decided to make her a hippo birthday cake. I used a loaf pan and two heart shaped pans to create the hippo head shape. I used the loaf pan for the top of the head after I rounded the corners slightly. I cut the pointed ends … Read more

Coolest Hippo Cake

Margaret's Happy Hippo Cake

Mom and I made this hippo cake for my daughter Margaret’s 3rd birthday. She is a hippo fanatic. We combined ideas from other pictures and worked out a design as we went along. We used the marshmallows as teeth to prop the mouth open and added fondant eyelashes and lips! We also put on a … Read more

Coolest Hippo Birthday Cake

Homemade Hippo Birthday Cake

This Hippo Birthday Cake was made for my 3 year old daughters’ birthday. Every year I try to make something special for their birthday (I have twins, so I have to find 2 cake ideas every year!!! – go see the polar bear birthday cake ). I used 2 x 8″ round pans to build … Read more

Coolest Hippo Head Cake

Homemade Hippo Head Cake

This Hippo head cake looks like a lot of work but it’s really easy to make. My 12 year old daughter Alivia loves hippos. She has very large hippo collection. When she asked me last year to bake her a hippo cake I thought, “she must think I’ve got talent!” I was quite surprised at … Read more

Cool Hippo Birthday Cake 1

I made this birthday cake design by baking 40 cupcakes. I sliced the top of each one to make them flat and arranged them in the shape of a hippo. It was a mascot for a local swim school a friend takes her son to for lessons. I frosted the top of all of them … Read more

Cool Hippo Birthday Cake 2

For my two year old I made a Hippo birthday cake design. He is crazy about Hippos. I used a couple of 8 inch rounds for the mouth, a 4″x 9″ loaf with the corners rounded for the back of the head, the tops of cupcakes for the nostrils and the bases for the eyes. … Read more