Awesome Lion’s Head Birthday Cake

Awesome Lion's Head Birthday Cake

Omg how do I start lol. Well I was called at 11:00pm on Saturday to make a last minute cake of a edible lions head on top of a white almond flavor cake, which they wanted the cake for 12pm Sunday. So I went to bed dreaming of how can I make this lion happen … Read more

Coolest Lion Cake

Coolest Lion Cake

My daughter loves lions, so for her third birthday in February I decided to surprise her with a lion cake. I was really nervous about making this cake and it ended up being one of my favorite cakes I have ever made. My daughters and all of our party guests were in awe of this … Read more

Coolest Leo the Lion Birthday Cake

Coolest Leo the Lion Birthday Cake

My aunt called me with this idea of having a lion cake for her birthday and if I would be willing to give it a try. Well I started with 1-1/2 sheet, 1-8’double round and a cupcake. I put the round in the middle and cut out the center of the 1/2 sheet (backwards I … Read more

Cool Lion Cupcake Cake for a Roaring Leo

Cool Lion Cupcake Birthday Cake for a Roaring Leo

This lion cupcake was a very easy cake to make!  I baked 2 dozen cupcakes and smushed as many as I could on a platter side-by-side in a circle pattern. I put a generous layer of frosting across all the tops (I did not lift up in between cupcakes).  After letting the frosting harden in … Read more

My First Cake Ever for my First Baby’s First Birthday!

My First Cake Ever for my First Baby's First Birthday!

This is the first cake, and first birthday cake I ever attempted!! Baking wasn’t, and still isn’t, my favourite pastime but it was my first baby’s first birthday and I wanted to look back and say I’d made it all by myself from scratch. I am very proud of it and it took me days … Read more

Lion Cake

Lion Cake

We made this Lion cake for the May and June birthdays of the children at my Sunday School – ages 3 and 4. The lesson for the day was Daniel and the Lions Den, hence the lion cake. The cake recipe used is banana cake, and we have used a butter icing to ice – … Read more

Coolest Lion Cake

Lion Cake

I made this lion cake for my 2nd son’s 1st birthday. It was inspired by the Martha Stewart “monkey cake” that was featured on her television show a few years ago (I made that cake for my 1st son’s 1st). The head of the lion is baked in a metal mixing bowl (I used the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Picture Cakes and Tips 10

My son had a Narnia party so I created an Aslan cake for him. This cake is just a double layer round cake. I colored frosting a light orange (peach) color and frosted the whole cake. I darkened the orange color up and used a large decorating tip that has several holes on the end … Read more

Coolest Lion Cake

Friendly Lion Cake

This lion cake was my first attempt and I was quite impressed with the results. I used a mould from Bulk Barn and made a marbled cake. I left the sides of the cake as it gave it some texture and just iced the top. I followed the lines on the cake to ensure consistency. … Read more

Coolest Kids Lion Birthday Cake

Homemade Kids Lion Birthday Cake

I wanted to make my third son a lion cake for his first birthday as he is a Leo so thought it would be appropriate. I didn’t have much inspiration myself, so had a look on the internet and came across this great site. I browsed through loads of the categories, and got lots of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Picture Cakes and Tips 11

I decorated this cake with mock cream I made from icing sugar, and coloured it with food colouring. A friend drew the outline of the lion from a lion picture. I used grease paper, cut out the shape, placed it over the cake, and cut around the edges. After that I covered it with icing.

Coolest Lion Birthday Cake

Homemade Lion Birthday Cake

This Lion Birthday Cake was made for my youngest grandson for his first birthday. It was a plain sandwich cake baked in a 9″ tin. It is made of 10ozs self raising flour/10ozs caster sugar/10ozs soft margarine/1 teaspoon baking powder and approx 5 eggs or 10ozs of egg all mixed together with an electric mixer … Read more

Cool Homemade Lion Cake

Lion Cake

This is the lion cake I made for my daughters 3rd birthday party (I also made a giraffe cake for the same party). The theme was safari. We made a lion and a giraffe. This lion cake was a store bought “orange” cake, which I added chocolate pudding and dark chocolate chips to. The frosting … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Cake Photos and Tips 0

This lion cake was a basic sheet cake with a round cake to shape the lions head out of. I used vanilla wafers to ice as ladybugs and the tree frog is shaped from a moon pie! I also used real leaves and melting chocolate wafers to make the leaves on the cake. So much … Read more

Coolest Lion Birthday Cake

Homemade Lion Birthday Cake

I made this Lion Birthday Cake using a 10 inch pan, marble cake (using 2 cake mixes by mixing a yellow cake and chocolate fudge cake), chocolate canned icing, and decorators icing (made from Wilton recipe). I saw some of the cakes on here and molded a few of the designs together. I used about … Read more

Coolest Baby Lion Cake

Homemade Baby Lion Cake

I made this Homemade Baby Lion Cake for a friend’s baby shower. I used vanilla sponge for the layers alternating with rice krispie treat layers. I used a 1″ PVC pipe as my center support, threaded into a floor flange that is bolted to the base. I used vanilla buttercream as the filling and the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Cake Photos and Tips 1

I got the inspiration for this cake on this website. This was for my sons fourth birthday. Lions are his favorite animal so the choice was easy. I made a rectangular sponge cake that I then cut to shape the mane. I shaped a cut bit of cake in a triangular kind of shape to … Read more

Coolest Lion Birthday Cake

Homemade Lion Cake

My daughter’s 1st birthday cake was a lion cake. We used 3 packet cake mixes and mixed them up putting the batter in 3 rectangle pans. We then used a template to cut the shape of a lion and his mane and then I layered his head which was part of one of the rectangle … Read more

Coolest Astrological Birthday Cake

Homemade Astrological Birthday Cake

This Astrological Birthday Cake was created for my mom for her birthday as a representation of her astrological sign. She is a Taurus and yes this is a Lion, I never said I was not special. When I saw the picture of a similar cake in a magazine I knew she would like it and … Read more

Coolest Lion Cake

Homemade Lion Cake

I decided this year to take my kids cakes into my own hands. This lion cake was for my youngest son who was turning two. What I found, was that in planning a party for him he really had no interests, so I chose a wild animal safari theme, since he loves the zoo. I … Read more

Coolest Lion Pride Birthday Cake

Homemade Lion Pride Birthday Cake

I made this single layer Homemade Lion Pride Birthday Cake. The cake itself is a Pillsbury chocolate “just add water” mix that comes in a box (the easy option!) but technically you did actually bake it yourself & it tastes great. For the big cake I used a single cake & then a second cake … Read more

Coolest Lion Cake

Homemade Lion Cake

This is a Lion Cake I made for my sister who’s friend was having a birthday and she asked me for a lion cake because her friend is a Leo. I searched and searched and found the very best inspirations on this website. I have entered another cake here as well and got some wonderful … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Picture Cakes and Tips 0

I got the idea from this website for a lion picture and made a few changes. I used a 16″ cake for the base and a 10″ cake for the lions face. I just cut out wedges for the mane and then I looked at a picture from “The Lion King” and copied the face. … Read more

Coolest Lion Cake Design

Homemade Lion Cake Design

After I found your website I had a good idea of how to go about making a Lion Cake Design. I also got some ideas from Parenting Magazine to use Marshmallows for the eyes, M&Ms for the pupils and fruit chews for the nose; then my husband suggested using Vanilla Oreo Cakesters for the cheeks … Read more