Coolest Homemade Lion Cake Photos and Tips 1

I got the inspiration for this cake on this website. This was for my sons fourth birthday. Lions are his favorite animal so the choice was easy. I made a rectangular sponge cake that I then cut to shape the mane. I shaped a cut bit of cake in a triangular kind of shape to … Read more

Coolest Lion Birthday Cake

Homemade Lion Cake

My daughter’s 1st birthday cake was a lion cake. We used 3 packet cake mixes and mixed them up putting the batter in 3 rectangle pans. We then used a template to cut the shape of a lion and his mane and then I layered his head which was part of one of the rectangle … Read more

Coolest Astrological Birthday Cake

Homemade Astrological Birthday Cake

This Astrological Birthday Cake was created for my mom for her birthday as a representation of her astrological sign. She is a Taurus and yes this is a Lion, I never said I was not special. When I saw the picture of a similar cake in a magazine I knew she would like it and … Read more

Coolest Lion Cake

Homemade Lion Cake

I decided this year to take my kids cakes into my own hands. This lion cake was for my youngest son who was turning two. What I found, was that in planning a party for him he really had no interests, so I chose a wild animal safari theme, since he loves the zoo. I … Read more

Coolest Lion Pride Birthday Cake

Homemade Lion Pride Birthday Cake

I made this single layer Homemade Lion Pride Birthday Cake. The cake itself is a Pillsbury chocolate “just add water” mix that comes in a box (the easy option!) but technically you did actually bake it yourself & it tastes great. For the big cake I used a single cake & then a second cake … Read more

Coolest Lion Cake

Homemade Lion Cake

This is a Lion Cake I made for my sister who’s friend was having a birthday and she asked me for a lion cake because her friend is a Leo. I searched and searched and found the very best inspirations on this website. I have entered another cake here as well and got some wonderful … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Picture Cakes and Tips 0

I got the idea from this website for a lion picture and made a few changes. I used a 16″ cake for the base and a 10″ cake for the lions face. I just cut out wedges for the mane and then I looked at a picture from “The Lion King” and copied the face. … Read more

Coolest Lion Cake Design

Homemade Lion Cake Design

After I found your website I had a good idea of how to go about making a Lion Cake Design. I also got some ideas from Parenting Magazine to use Marshmallows for the eyes, M&Ms for the pupils and fruit chews for the nose; then my husband suggested using Vanilla Oreo Cakesters for the cheeks … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Picture Cakes and Tips 1

For my sons second birthday we did an animal theme. For the cake I copied a lion picture and made a lion cake. I baked two very large rectangular sheet cakes and cut them into six main pieces. I made a large rectangle for the body and a smaller one that I put on top … Read more

Coolest Baby’s Lion Cake

Homemade Baby's Lion Cake

My son’s one year birthday was coming up and because of his strawberry blond hair, I thought an orange-maned lion would be the perfect birthday cake animal for him. I combined ideas from different lions in the Wilton 2010 Decorating Yearbook to make it. I used the cuddly bear cake pan to make the lion … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Picture Cakes and Tips 2

I used a 1lb tin. I covered it in butter icing then light brown icing for the head. I rolled up dark brown cones for the mane and stuck them on. I actually copied this from a lion picture that I saw in a magazine.

Coolest Ever Lion Cake

Homemade Ever Lion Cake

For my son’s first birthday party we wanted to make a lion birthday cake (to go with the invites and decorations). So we looked online and found lots of pictures to try to copy. I made a vanilla sponge cake (the easy vanilla cake from the bbc good food website) and put cherry jam and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Picture Cakes and Tips 3

I found this Wilton lion cake pan that came with a lion picture and thought I might be able to turn it into Goliath. I bought the cake mix and Chocolate Fudge Icing, Milk Chocolate Icing and White that I colored brown with the Wilton gel colors. I also colored some white icing red for … Read more

Coolest Lion Birthday Cake

Homemade Lion Birthday Cake

I made this Lion Birthday Cake for my son’s first birthday. His nursery had a jungle theme and he loved the lion I had painted for his wall. I took inspiration from this site and a few others to get me started. Firstly I drew a sketch of the lion’s face and then drew this … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Picture Cakes and Tips 4

I made this for my daughters 1st Birthday! I got the inspiration for this cake from a few different sources- mainly just looking on the internet for a lion picture. I made two separate round cakes- one in a tin with a 24cm diameter, the other with an 18cm diameter. I drew the face template … Read more

Coolest Lion Cake

Homemade Lion Cake

My two year old loves animals, so he had specifically requested a lion cake. I simply drew my idea on paper before cutting, it’s always best to do that, and found a way to use two 9 X 13 sheet cakes to make this. I may have had a few pieces left. The hardest part … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Picture Cakes and Tips 5

I made a birthday cake for my little girls 2nd birthday. We were going for a jungle theme plus she loves lions. I decided to put a lion on the top which I copied from a lion picture. It’s about my fourth or fifth attempt at decorating a cake like this. I thought I did … Read more