Coolest Homemade Monkey Birthday Cake Ideas 5

I got the idea for this monkey birthday cake online but I cant for the life of me recall the website. I baked a regular cake-mix cake in a 9″ x 13″ Pyrex pan. Then I frosted it a very light blue with buttercream. Make sure you put only a thin layer of icing on. … Read more

Coolest Curious George Cake Photos and Tips 0

First I frosted the entire cake in yellow. I then outlined Georges face from a coloring book page and piped that in with small stars. I piped larger stars around the edge in red. I had found some Curious George rings in the party favor area at our local party store so I pushed those … Read more

Coolest Curious George Cake Photos and Tips 9

The cake recipe is from Wilton and can be found at It is the Double Fudge Grooms cake and the frosting recipe’s are from the Wilton site too. This is a combination of their Chocolate Butter cream and Regular Butter cream. The cake template is from a Curious George mask I found at … Read more

Coolest Monkey Cake

Monkey Cake

The monkey head was actually baked in 3 bowls – 2 of the same size (to make a ball) and one very small one, they were stuck together with a simple chocolate buttercream and skewers then trimmed down to more resemble a monkey face. The face of the monkey cake was put together in 3 … Read more

Coolest Monkey Cake

Homemade Monkey Cake

I made this monkey cake for a friend’s daughter’s second birthday. She wanted a monkey cake so I used boxed cake recipe to make two 9in layer cakes. I used one cake for the head. The other round cake I used to carve out two ears and a number two (for the birthday girl’s personal … Read more

Coolest Monkey Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Monkey Birthday Cake Design

This Monkey Birthday Cake Design was for my very own cheeky Monkey. I baked a 10″ cake and one 8″ cake, the 8″ one just in a sandwich tin as I didn’t want it to be as deep as the bigger cake (very rich chocolate cake recipe). I drew a template on to a piece … Read more

Coolest Monkey Birthday Cake

Homemade Monkey Birthday Cake

This Monkey Birthday Cake was for my son’s first birthday. I also had cupcakes with monkey flags, stuffed animal monkeys and bananas hanging from the trees in our yard, monkey face cookies I made. So much monkey stuff – even a monkey pinata! For the cake I used a 6 inch round cake pan and … Read more

Coolest Mod Monkey Cake

Homemade Mod Monkey Cake

I made this Mod Monkey cake for my son’s 1st birthday. It consists of a 3-layer 8 inch cake and a 3-layer 6 inch cake. His party was at lunchtime on a Saturday, so I baked the cakes (chocolate) on Thursday afternoon, leveled them, put the layers together with buttercream and then crumb-coated them. I … Read more

Sweet Homemade Curious George Cake

Homemade Curious George Cake

This Curious George Cake was made for my son’s third birthday. The base layer is a 9×13 chocolate cake with vanilla icing tinted yellow. I used the Wilton tints and they work great. For the monkey face, I used an 8″ round and cut a cupcake in half for the ears and used another part … Read more

Easy Homemade Curious George Birthday Cake

Homemade Curious George Birthday Cake

I made this Curious George Birthday Cake for my daughter’s birthday. She just turned three. As you can see she is a big Curious George fan. I used the animal crackers pan. It was very easy to use and decorate.

Coolest Homemade Monkey Face Birthday Cakes 2

I was having a monkey party for my sons first birthday (you know…the only birthday that Mommy gets to pick the theme)! I was going to try the Martha Stewart monkey face cake but it was a little too serious for me. I used store-bought cake mix (he’s only 1). I had to use 2 … Read more

Coolest Homemade Monkey Birthday Cake Ideas 6

This monkey birthday cake was made for my grandson Lucas 11th birthday party. He wanted a monkey that looked like his character in an online video game. I was successful except for the color. When I went to bed the night before the monkey was pretty orangey but when I woke up the next morning … Read more

Coolest Curious George Cake Photos and Tips 2

I prepared the cake mixes and baked 3 cakes in Pyrex glass bowls and 2 cakes in 9×13 inch pans. I used the bowl shape cakes to make the belly, face, and the top of the hat of Curious George. I cut out 3 circles from the rectangle cakes to make the rest of the … Read more

Coolest Curious George Cake Photos and Tips 11

The image was just traced off of a napkin and was enlarged on the computer and then inverted with piping gel onto the cake. Just invert the image and start filling in with color. The background of the trees was just a few different shades of green blended in together. This was a really fun … Read more

Cool Homemade Monkey Birthday Cupcakes

Homemade Monkey Birthday Cupcakes

I baked the Monkey Birthday Cupcakes the night before (from a box of course) and decorated them while my almost 1-yr old and 3-yr old’s napped. I had planned to use M&M’s for eyes but apparently had eaten them all so I scrounged around and found Jelly Bellies and leftover Valentine’s Day candy hearts. I … Read more

Cutest Ever Homemade Monkey Birthday Cupcakes

Monkey Birthday Cupcakes

These Monkey Birthday Cupcakes were for my son’s first birthday party to go with a monkey cake I made. The cupcakes are made with a regular chocolate cake mix. Then I put a regular Nilla wafer for the mouth area secured with a dollop of buttercream. Then I cut a mini Nilla wafer in half … Read more

Coolest Monkey Cupcake Birthday Cake

Homemade Monkey Cupcake Birthday Cake

This is a Monkey Cupcake Birthday Cake that I made for my son;s 1st birthday party, which was monkey themed. The cupcakes are just made from a box of banana supreme cake mix and the icing is just a store bought chocolate icing. The cake used 26 cupcakes and two tubs of icing. The banana … Read more

Coolest Monkey Cake and Cupcakes

Homemade Monkey Cake and Cupcakes

This Monkey Cake and Cupcakes was for a monkey themed birthday party. It was for baby Aiden’s 1st birthday. Right away I knew I wanted to do monkey’s and bananas. For the cake- I used the Wilton monkey shaped pan. The cake flavor is vanilla and I topped it with homemade buttercream frosting. I used … Read more

Coolest Cute Monkey Cupcakes

Homemade Cute Monkey Cupcakes

For my son’s daycare class, the Monkeys, I decided what better birthday theme to go with than – monkeys. My son loves them, and what 3 year old doesn’t? I scanned monkey cupcake images on the internet and chose to use Wilton’s idea as my guide. I printed and cut out the template shapes on … Read more

Cute Homemade Carved Curious George Cake

Homemade Curious George Cake

I made this Curious George cake for a friend of mine whose son loves Curious George. It was a huge hit! I started out by drawing Curious George. For the head, I traced the 9″ round cake pan on a piece of paper and drew from there. I made a 9″ round cake (for the … Read more

Cute Homemade Chocolate Curious George Cake

Homemade Curious George Cake

I decided to have a Curious George themed birthday for my son’s first birthday. As most moms out there will see, there is no cake pan or design specific to Curious George, so I had to tap into my unfound artistic skills. I used a 12″ square cake pan to bake 2 boxes of regular … Read more

Coolest Homemade Monkey Face Birthday Cakes 3

I baked a 12″ oval cake using package cake mixes according to directions. I frosted it with traditional buttercream icing tinted banana yellow. Then using the Wilton Animal Crackers Pan, I baked the second cake. I had to cut off the ears from the top of the baked cake and reposition them more to the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Monkey Birthday Cake Ideas 7

This is the Martha Stewart idea from her Kids magazine and show for a monkey birthday cake – I got other helpful tips from this cake site. It took me two tries to get a bowl the right shape; the first one was too flat. The large cake is a large metal mixing bowl with … Read more