Moose Cake for The Mighty Hunter

Moose Cake for The Mighty Hunter

My cake is a Mighty Moose with a large wrack of chocolate Antlers! I made this cake for my dad’s 60th birthday party. He had just come back from a trip to Newfoundland, where he gone on an exciting guide lead hunt. On this trip, my father was able to live out his dream of hunting … Read more

Cool Homemade Deer Birthday Cake

Homemade Deer Birthday Cake

This Deer Birthday Cake is a 12×18 sheet pan. I found the deer off of the internet. I traced it on wax paper, outlined it with icing and transferred it to the cake. I freehand made the camo pattern and just filled in the holes.

Coolest Moose Cake

Homemade Moose Cake

Here is how I made this coolest Moose cake. I used two small metal bowls as cake pans, whose content formed the tip of the nose and the head. I used a small loaf pan, whose content formed the middle between the nose and the head; I sculpted this and added brown icing all over … Read more

Moose Cake

Moose Cake

A lady I work with was moving and leaving her job. She loves moose and the color green. I baked this Moose cake from a sheet cake the day before and stored it loosely covered. I used boxed cake mix and canned icing. The next day I iced the sheet cake and placed the moose … Read more

Coolest Cake Decorating Instructions for a Moose-Shaped Cake 1

My sons teacher, Mr. Copeland was retiring after 30 years of teaching. He loves animals and my son wanted me to do something with an animal on it. He suggested a moose so it could say “we will ‘moose’ you”! The cake is a half sheet cake (Duncan Hines white) with my Mom’s ‘wedding cake’ … Read more