Coolest Pig Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Pig Birthday Cake Design

My daughter was learning phonics in 4K and one of their rhymes to learn the sounds of the letter “P” included “To say Happy Birthday, because she was big, Sally helped bake a cake in the shape of a pig.” My daughter came home and insisted that her next birthday cake be shaped like a … Read more

Coolest Pig in Pearls Cake

Homemade Pig in Pearls Cake

This Homemade Pig in Pearls Cake was made with two 9″ round cake pans. I baked a “rainbow cake” by mixing two white cake mixes, dividing them into 1 1/2 cups in 6 separate bowls and colored each with gel food coloring. Red, orange, yellow green, blue, purple. I then layered them in the order … Read more

Coolest Pig Cake with Pigglet Cupcakes

Homemade Pig Cake with Pigglet Cupcakes

I’m not a baker and not very talented but I had the urge to make my son’s 1st birthday cake. He had an “Old McDonald had a Farm” birthday party since his favorite toy was a pig so I made him this Homemade Pig Cake with Pigglet Cupcakes. For his own “smash cake” I baked … Read more

Cool Homemade Luau Pig Cake

Homemade Luau Pig Cake

I made this Luau Pig Cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday party and the theme was Hawaiian Luau. Living in Hawaii for many years I wanted to go with a more traditional luau item such as the pig and decided to create the cake around that idea. We also made a lei out of cupcakes … Read more

Coolest Pig Face Cake

Homemade Pig Face Cake

I made this Pig Face Cake as a goodbye cake for my boss because she was moving away. I made it pretty big because there was going to be a lot of people at her party, but you can disregard the bottom tier of the cake and just make the pig. My boss is very … Read more

Coolest Piggy Birthday Cake

Homemade Piggy Birthday Cake

I did not know how I would pull it off, but my granddaughter wanted a Piggy birthday cake. I came up with this guy by baking in mixing bowls and corning glass casserole dishes (tough times call for tough measures). I used a strawberry cake with butter cream frosting under fondant. I then mixed pink … Read more